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  Guest Article: June 15th, 2002

In Defense of Taiki

By: Rainbow

Okay, I HAVE noticed some Taiki fans out there who have supported this poor, unappreciated Sailor Senshi, but I have some points to make about her that they missed. Before I start with the main course, what the heck is so bad about a big forehead?! Why does that make her so bad?!

1)The Comet Episode
Episode 177 is probably one of the big reasons Taiki is so hated. There is something people missed, though. AMI WAS W-R-O-N-G!!! (I usually like Ami a lot, but she's annoying in this story) She is smart enough to know that comets come from the solar system (actually a place around the solar system called the Oort Cloud), not from dreams and romance! She was implying that Mr. Amanagowa created the comet out of his romance just because he discovered it! People! Just because someone discovered something does NOT mean it wasn't there before it was discovered! Also, I completely agree with the infamous statement Taiki made in that story. I was just as shocked to learn that Ami, who is SUPPOSED to be studious and scientific, would believe that romance is neccessary for school. IT IS NOT!!! Maybe it's needed for continuing the species, but not for discovering a comet!

2) Star Gentle Uterus: What Does it Do?
I'm sure you've all seen the true argument that it doesn't involve a uterus, but there are still more misconceptions about this Senshi attack. First of all, it does not involve goo or slime! As for the episode clip that makes it look like that, I have the episode from which the clip was taken. It looks to me like the blob that hit the phage was the phage's OWN sweat attack! Apparently Star Maker's attack REFLECTED the other attack! Also, despite it using the word "gentle", it is actually a very powerful attack. I have proof from the TV show that Star Gentle Uterus is in fact more powerful than Deep Submerge! In episode 184, when the phage attacks, Sailor Neptune gets her attack sucked up. None of the other Senshi worry about her attack being powerful enough to wreck Usagi's house! When Maker attacks, she quickly is at the bottom of a hilarious Senshi pile-up! Why? Because they were worried that her attack would not only blast the phage, but wreck Usagi's house as well! How's that for powerful?!

3) Reasonable Aloofness (this applies to Yaten too)
Another reason Taiki is hated is because people say she was too cold to the Inners. Well, the Outers acted the same way in the S season, and look at all the shrines they've got! How come it's okay for Sailor Uranus to be cold but not Taiki? Especially when Taiki's got a good reason to act that way! Her mission is to find her OWN princess, not help Sailor Moon. She does not need to be warm and loving to the Earth Senshi, since that would actually HURT her mission! (look at all the trouble baka-Seiya got in with that dumb romance with Usagi!) Basically, Seiya shouldn't have tried to mess with destiny, since that would mean no Chibi-Usa! (What?! No Chibi-Usa? WAAAAAH!!! I LIKE HER!!) Also, as far as episode 191 is concerned, Taiki had a good reason to distrust Sailor Moon: Seiya was injured protecting her!

That's my three reasons to take a second look at my Taiki-chan!

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