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  Guest Article: September 1st, 2000

Just Except Them for What They Are and Move On!

By: Raeyan

For as long as I have liked sailor moon there has been argument over the quality of the American dubbing. Everyone one nit picking and ranting about how horrible the dubs are. What is so wrong about it? There are many things people do not consider before they shoot them down. By the end of this article I will address the things that anti-dubbers do not take into consideration.

The first thing people complain about is the voices. I agree, they could be better. But, how do you know that someone with a better voice wanted the job? How do you know they didn't pick the best out of what they had? You don't know so there for you are not in a position to complain about them. Plus the aren't really that bad are they? Some of the voices are actually quite good such as chibi-usa's voice. Sure they aren't wonderful but no dub can be perfect.

One big issue with the new CWI dubs is Michiru's and Hakura's relationship. They have been changed from lovers to cousins. Do you really believe Americans are comfortable with gay and lesbian relationships? Every where you go there seems to be jokes and rude comments about gays and lesbians. Do you honestly believe that people wouldn't get upset and wouldn't complain? There are five-year-old children watching this show. Do you think all the parents will just smile and be ok with that? I mean this is cartoon network.

Next comes the names. Ok I admit I am not fond of them. Trista? Umara? But what would you call them? You can't leave all of them Japanese. However a couple names remain he same like Hotaru. But then there is Mini Moon. That is one name they couldn't leave the same. If some five-year-old heard "Chibi Moon" do you think they would have a clue what it meant? But hey Mini Moon is a lot better then some of the other possibilities. Think about these: Tiny Moon, Small Moon, Little Moon, etc. So Mini Moon sounds a little like Mini Me, but it's a lot better than Tiny Moon.

All of you are familiar with the annoying puns and retarded speeches correct? I think just about everyone is annoyed and frustrated with them. Now for some reason both Dic and CWI have decided to direct sailor moon towards 6 year olds. If you think about it this is Cartoon Network and what are you going to do? You can't put serious threatening speeches. But the way they talk could be more realistic. "Come on girl you can do it!" "I think your da bomb!" Honestly the average teenager doesn't talk like that. But CWI owns the rights and the fans don't so there isn't much we can do about it.

All and all the dubs are pretty good. You have to take the good with the bad. It's another version of sailor moon. There are differences in the manga and anime and differences in the dub. It's just interesting to see what they change and how they are getting better. I think everyone should just except the dubs for what they are and move on!

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