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  Guest Article: September 19th, 2001

Look at the Beautiful Side of Life!

By: Ozgu Oksuz

My opinions about Anti-Character Shrines have never been positive. I think they are nothing but useless shrines that annoy people. They're loss of time and webspace, too. I accept the fact that everybody may have a favorite and least favorite character, but the authors of those sites should accept the fact that every single character play a very important role in Sailor Moon as well. Neither Anime nor Manga would be the same without any of the characters; Sailor Moon wouldn't be Sailor Moon! All of the characters help with improving the story plot and offering the fans lots of choices. Choices are one of the things that make the world much better!

You may dislike Sailor ... , but there are lots of people over there who loves her very much and watches the Anime (or reads to Manga) just to see that character! Having different people with different characters is one of the properties of our community. According to me all of the characters have negative and positive sides but I don't hate or dislike any of them, due to the fact that nobody's perfect. "I hate Usagi because she's a crybaby... I hate Ami because all she can do is studying... I hate Rei because she's annoying... I hate Makoto because she's nothing but a housewife... I hate Minako because she is lazy and always runs after boys... I hate Haruka because she's a lesbian and she's cold. I hate Michiru because she's so perfect... I hate Hotaru because she's lonely... I hate Setsuna because she's very mysterious... I hate ChibiUsa because she's too noisy... I hate Mamoru because she went to America leaving Usagi alone..." ...and the list goes on and on!

What about ignoring the faults of the characters and looking at the positive side? "Usagi has the purest heart in the universe... Ami will obviously be successful in the future... Rei is realistic and very loyal as a friend... Makoto is protective and takes care of her friends... Minako is so friendly and nice... Haruka is smart, serious at her mission and she still has an emotional side that she shows to very few people... Michiru is elegant, intelligent, beautiful, and talented... Hotaru can have nice behaviours even though she has lots of pain... Setsuna is very motherly and helpful... ChibiUsa is very sweet and she has a pure heart... Mamoru always helps the girls when they're in trouble..." that's much better! This list can be expanded including the properties of other characters. What I'm trying to say is we must accept the way people are and try to enjoy their positive side. As a Sailor Moon fan, I have a favorite and least favorite character. But as I said before, I don't hate any of them. I love even the least favorite character of mine so much! Why?

Because I'm open-minded and always trying to look at the beautiful side of life...

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