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  Guest Article: February 12th, 2000

The Under Appreciation of DiC

By: Ninja X

There are many people who feel that DiC did a bad thing in taking the show Sailor Moon and bringing it into America. Some people feel that DiC should have been cast out to the dogs, and that the producers should be drug out to the streets and hung by their fingernails. Then there are some people who feel that DiC should have never made the show at all, and that it should have been left in the state it was in about 5 years ago.

Iím going to attempt to answer what would happen if DiC never made the dub. What would happen if DiC never brought Sailor Moon to the states? I have two images.

First, the more obvious one I will show. Saban would have gotten the show, and transformed it into something alot more hideous and scary. In case you donít believe me, see the Saban trailer that has been floating around on the net somewhere. Sailor Moon and anime in general would be hurting from that one.

Now, Iíll show you what many purists dream of. What if DiC had not done Sailor Moon at all, and it was left alone.

A common story is much like the stories I hear where a person was introduced to Sailor Moon through the DiC dub. They either think that the dub is good, and enjoy the dub, or they think that the dub stinks, and make fun of it. More often then not, they go and search the net for more of Sailor Moon, and they discover that there is a Japanese version of the show, watch it via fansubs, and love it.

A rare version of the story is the fan who saw the original before seeing the dub, and became a fan that way. Iíve seen it, but very rarely.

True, there still would have been Sailor Moon merchandise from Japan, but where could you get it. If Sailor Moon had not been dubbed by DiC, the only Sailor Moon stuff that could be found would be some off the street, hard to find store somewhere, and even then, it might just carry one, maybe two pieces of Sailor Moon merchandise.

If DiC had not dubbed Sailor Moon, the Sailor Moon community that exists now wouldn't exist at all, if not barely. The majority of the online Sailor Moon community lives in NA. Since they have never seen the show, and consequently never been fans of the show, they would have not made the pages that we see today. I know that several communities of the fans of Sailor Moon wouldn't exist at all, such as the Sailor Moon Universe.

Yes, there still would be pages in English, and yes, there still would be fans of Sailor Moon, even here in America, but it would not be nearly as big as it is now.

I would even venture to say that anime, in general, would have suffered, since for many Sailor Moon fans that Sailor Moon is their first anime, and have since watched anime.

True, DiC didn't make Sailor Moon. True, Naoko is the one that should be credited for Sailor Moon, for if it weren't for her, we wouldn't have Sailor Moon in any form at all.

But, back to my point, DiC has done alot for Sailor Moon, and is responsible for what Sailor Moon is now in the States one way or another.

So, I would like to be the first to say, "Thanks Dic and Naoko. You have a wonderful thing here."

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