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  Guest Article: July 1st, 2000

Dragonball Z Dub VS. Sailormoon Dub

By: Nerissa Ying

I've had to deal with complaints from both sides. And, to tell you the truth, lately it's been giving me a headache.

Sailormoon sucks because it's the same thing over and over again. Monster of the day comes, Sailor senshi weaken it, and Sailor Moon blasts the monster into dust. End of episode. Boring.

*Imagine the speaker sneering.* Have you heard of Drag-On ball?

*Or if you're my mom...* Those _FIVE_ minutes. Just kill Freeza and get out of there. What are you (Gokou) waiting for?! (Refering to the English dubbed battle between Freeza and Gokou on planet Namek when Gokou has five minutes to get off the planet.)

Argue, argue, argue. However, I'm quite sure _both_ sides would agree with this statement: DIC and FUNimation BOTH screwed up on their respective English dubs.

But here's the interesting part: WHERE have these two companies have screwed up? In some aspects, _where_ they have messed up differs from one another. In other areas, they have undoubtedly made the same mistakes.

Now, before I start talking about all the bad things both companies have done, (of which, I'm sure almost _everyone_ knows by now) let's start with things each company should be noted and proud of (to a certain extent, of course).

First, let's start with DIC Productions on its handling of the famous (or infamous) anime, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (Pretty Soldier Sailormoon or as DIC has named it, Sailor Moon). Good thing: the music. No, no, no, not the background music, (although some of it is actually quite good) but the songs with lyrics used in the background for some of the major fight scenes. They are really well done. I've even heard that a few of the songs used in the dub even bare a slight resemblance to the Japanese counterpart. (Sorry, I cannot confirm this since I do not have access to the original Japanese anime.) Something FUNimation should take notes on and learn from.

Even if some of the songs had _no_ likeness to the original anime, they were still _GOOD_ songs. Have you ever watched the dubbed version of the final battle between Queen Beryl and Sailor Moon? I admit some (okay, a LOT) of footage has been cut/censored, but the music _FITS_ with the battle scene so perfectly that people who DON'T know about the censorship wouldn't even NOTICE the difference. Heck, when _I_ first saw that battle, I didn't even DREAM that it was censored. The song flowed PERFECTLY with the animation. (Unlike FUNimation where almost _none_ of the music fits with the scene.) Who cares if there was something cut out and made the episode seem a little strange? I, for one, wasn't thinking of all the cuts when I first saw the big battle between Queen Beryl and Sailor Moon. I was staring, wide-eyed, mind you, at the great animation and loving the great music I was hearing. This was the FIRST reason why I had fallen in love with Sailormoon. And when Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus spiritually came and appeared next to Sailor Moon to help her fight against the evil queen, let me tell you, there's nothing like hearing them shout out, one by one, "Mercury Power! Mars Power! Jupiter Power! Venus Power! Cosmic Moon Power... UNITE!"

Okay, so I got a little carried away. The main point is that DIC put a lot of effort into its background songs and lyrics. That's ten points for DIC, zero for FUNimation.

And while we are on the music issue, DIC _did_ use the same melody that the original Japanese version used for the intro. Admittedly, the English lyrics are silly and stupid, and the musical intruments used are different, but for the most part, the melody stays the same. The point I want to emphasize is that DIC actually based its intro music on the Japanese intro music where FUNimation went ahead and made up a completely different score of music for it's intro. Guess who ended up with the better musical score?

Now, onto the good things FUNimation has done to DBZ. *I can already hear the hardcore otaku (fans) shouting out, "GOOD THINGS?! WHAT good things?!!!"* Please, hear me out.

So far, from what I have seen, (of which might be outdated) FUNimation has kept the original Japanese names. *"Yeah, but they forgot that Gokou had a last name, Son," mutters my DBZ otaku side.* With that aside, it is truly amazing that they have kept the original, _Japanese_ names. Even if they did "spell" them wrong. Why? DIC had mostly changed/"Americanized" all the characters in Sailormoon! Usagi a.k.a. Sailor Moon, is now called Serena (with no last name, may I add). Mizuno Ami a.k.a. Sailor Mercury, is now Amy Anderson. Hino Rei a.k.a. Sailor Mars, is now Raye Hino. (And going with the rule of inconsistancy, DIC decided that Raye deserved her original family name from the original anime. -_-;) As for the others? Kino Makoto a.k.a. Sailor Jupiter, is Lita. Aino Minako a.k.a. Sailor Venus, is Mina. Chiba Mamoru a.k.a. Tuxedo Kamen (Tuxedo Mask, in the dubbed version) is Darien. Oh, and last/family names? Ummm... Who needs them, anyway? Obviously, DIC thought that there was no need for family names. >_<

As a result, there is a very, VERY clear line between the English dub and the original Japanese anime. The differences between the two versions is enough to warrant this *hopefully* well-known rule in Sailormoon fanfiction: Please, please, please do _not_ mix the Japanese names of the Sailor senshi with the English dub's names. And please specify _which_ version you are using to base your fanfiction on. Hino Rei in the Japanese version is _NOT_ the same character as Raye Hino in the English dub. It is well known to Sailormoon otaku that Raye in the English dub is portrayed as a _meaner_ person. And as for Sailor Neptune's, Uranus's, Saturn's, and Pluto's civilian names? (These Sailor senshi have _NOT_, as of this writing, been introduced in the dubbed version. Sailor Pluto has been introduced, but her civilian form has NOT been seen yet.) Well, there are TONS of English names given to them in fanfiction. Irwin's doll boxes say that Sailor Uranus's civilian name is Corrine (or Corinn), Sailor Neptune's civilian name is Nerissa *No, I'm not kidding, they are using MY name! o_O;*, and Sailor Pluto's civilian name is Celia. An Irwin Sailor Saturn doll has not been released.

Hmmm... How about four points for FUNimation for keeping the characters' names relatively the same so far?
So, scores so far:
DIC - 10
FUNimation - 4

In my opinion, the BEST things FUNimation has done so far: _how_ they censored DBZ and trying to do what you, the fans, want. *now ready for all the flames to come pouring in her inbox* What? You don't believe me? Well let me start with the cutting and the censorship issue first.

Notice that I emphasized _HOW_, not WHAT FUNimation decided to censor for DBZ. I _didn't_ mean I agreed with _what_ they decided to censor out. I meant the skill and _way_ FUNimation went about cutting out what they wanted. Whoever did the digital painting has to be given credit for the relatively _thorough_ job. (Well, at least for some episodes.) Example: the H.F.I.L. episode. That's right, the Home For Infinite Losers episode. Of course, it was really the word, HELL, written on the backs of the two ogres, but FUNimation changed every single frame to make the writing read H.F.I.L. And as Chris Psaros mentioned on his website, DBZ Uncensored, FUNimation made a lot of little cuts here and there to shorten the episode. Rarely did they cut out a whole episode. Unlike DIC, where they cut out an entire three/four episodes from Sailormoon and never showed one bit of footage from these episodes. And the final battle between Queen Beryl and the Sailor senshi I talked about before? That was _TWO_ episodes in the original Japanese version. DIC had (and in some ways, sloppily) cut it down to _ONE_ episode. o_O; Why? We don't want kiddies to see the torture and death scenes of the Sailor Scouts, now do we? -_-;

FUNimation should also get a bonus point for making sure that the episode actually _made_ sense after all the cutting was done. I'm serious. DIC did an outright SLOPPY job in their digital painting and their censorship for the Sailormoon dub. The episode I'd especially like to point out is the balcony episode. The episode where Sailor Moon, in disguise, falls off a balcony. Now, I can see _why_ DIC wanted to alter that scene. Who wants kids jumping off balconies with umbrellas in their hands, thinking that the umbrella is going to slow their fall? But the _way_ DIC did it was down right careless!

From what I can guess by watching the English dub (and the fact that the Sailormoon manga had a similar scene), the Japanese episode had a possessed person push Sailor Moon off the balcony. Tuxedo Kamen appears and manages to grab hold of Sailor Moon's hand. He tries to pull her back up, but the possessed person pushes him too, and he falls off the balcony with Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon saves herself and Tuxedo Kamen by activating one of her magic devices which changes into an umbrella. Both Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen safely land on the ground, Mary Poppin style.

Now, the English dub is basically the same until Tuxedo Mask tries to pull Sailor Moon back up. In the English dub, he _DOES_ manage to pull her up. This was done by taking the scene where Sailor Moon starts to fall off the balcony and then _REVERSING_ it so that it ROUGHLY looks like Tuxedo Mask pulled up Sailor Moon. Then DIC took a bunch of clips that were shown earlier in the episode making it look like Tuxedo Mask was telling Sailor Moon to go downstairs and he'll meet her down on the ground. Then DIC switches back to the scene when they were outside, safe on the ground. Of course, the tattle-tale part is the where Sailor Moon is closing her umbrella after she and Tuxedo Mask had landed; to people watching the English dub, there must have been some confusion as to _WHERE_ the umbrella came from.

Confusing? You should see the dubbed episode. It took me at least five TIMES over a duration of two to three _YEARS_ of watching the normal series sequence through _that_ episode JUST to get a SENSE of what DIC did. It's one of the most _SCREWED_ UP episodes I have EVER seen. *And that's taking into account the dubbed DBZ episodes I've seen.* It's no WONDER people say Sailormoon sucks. If I had seen _THAT_ episode as my FIRST taste of Sailormoon, _I_ would have thought that Sailormoon sucked.

Score so far:
DIC - 10 points
FUNimation - 9 points (4 points for _how_ the dubbed DBZ was censored and cut, and 1 bonus point for making sure the storyline still made sense with all the cuts and censorship)

Ah, yes, the OTHER thing FUNimation manages to do well. Well, FUNimation deserves a hand for listening to you rant and rave, and then, DOING something about it. *Of course, they might not do EXACTLY what you wanted... But that's a different story...* What, you don't believe me? Well, let me put it this way; FUNimation is _TONS_ more responsive to fans that DIC will _EVER_ be. Why do I say this?

Example #1: The episode where Gohan meets the orphans was, at first, NEVER shown during the first few runs of the show. Then people protested and ohmygosh, YOU GOT IT BACK! Perhaps censored a bit, but you _DID_ get it back.

As I said before, DIC has three or four episodes *or maybe more* which were cut for time, insignificant for the main storyline, or for other reasons. *Like the episode with a music writer/player (I believe it's the 6th episode in the Japanese version?); there was too much Japanese kanji (characters) in the animation and DIC was too lazy to paint it all over. Either that, or DIC didn't like the idea that Serena changes into an adult and follows a guy into a bar. -_-;* And although DIC _DID_ finally dub the remainder of the second season of Sailormoon (Sailormoon R), they did _NOT_ go back to dub the episodes that were missing before. You want to know about those missing episodes? Go find some fansubs or summaries.

Example #2: You _DID_ demand for uncut episodes and lo and behold, the third season of Dragonball Z came around and ohmygosh, FUNimation LEFT _MOST_ of it uncut!! (The voices on the other hand... -_-;) And lookee here; looks like Mirai no Trunks (Future Trunks) is actually going to debut in the English dub! O_O!!

Now, I admit that Sailormoon S is _ALSO_ going to be coming over, but I'm already seeing major trouble for this particular season of Sailormoon. Why? Undoubtedly, Sailormoon S is the most _serious_ season of all five seasons of Sailormoon. Why? Well, let's see, the villians' group name is Death Busters *death, a topic which both DIC and FUNimation tend to avoid*, Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune are a yuri (lesbian) pair, and there's the search for the three Talismans which, when gathered together, summon the Holy Grail... Oh, and BTW, the _user_ of the Holy Grail is called the Messiah *a _BIG_ no-no word in dubs* and he/she has the power to save or destroy the world onces he/she has the Holy Grail in his/her possession. Plus, there's a LOT of Christian symbolism in this particular season of Sailormoon which, in my opinion, is going to be VERY _DIFFICULT_ for DIC to edit out. This symbolism is key for the plot of the season, and if you cut it out, you are basically cutting out the whole season. As for the three Talismans, they are each sealed within a pure heart crystal which three different people possess. Everyone possesses a heart crystal, and if the heart crystal is taken out of a person, the person basically dies. So when the Talismans are taken out of those three people's heart crystals, those people die. Hey, it's either those three people die or the whole world is destroyed if the Holy Grail is summoned into the wrong hands. Take your pick. Who said that Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon can't be serious?

Okay, back to business.

Admittedly these are only two examples that show FUNimation's willingness to listen to fans, but I feel that both are important signs that FUNimation _IS_ listening to fans. Plus, there are two aspects I'm NOT taking into account here: the DBZ merchandise and the video tapes/DVDs of _uncut_ DBZ episodes. Those two aspects I will probably cover in another editorial since this editorial is already long enough as it is.

Hmmm... Score so far:
DIC - 10
FUNimation - 11 (2 points for FUNimation's "effort" in trying to give what the fans want)

Shall I move onto the voices?

I have to admit, for the dubbed Sailormoon, I didn't mind the voices at all. Most of them didn't bother me, and I actually thought some of them were quite good. Even when DIC finished off Sailormoon R, I thought the replacement voices for Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask were somewhat decent.

Now the Outer senshi's voices in the dubbed Sailormoon S movie (which DIC named, "Hearts in Ice") however, _THAT_ was DEFINITELY _not_ what I wanted to hear for the Outer senshi. Besides the editing done for the dubbed version of the movie (apparently the subtitled version is unedited), the voices for the Outer senshi (Sailor Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto) were _terrible_. Sailor Uranus talks _way_ too fast, Sailor Neptune's voice sounds _DEEPER_ than Sailor Uranus (Uranus _looks_ like a guy and is supposed to _sound_ like a guy), and Sailor Pluto _SCREAMS_ her Pluto Deadly Scream attack when she whispers it in the Japanese version (which, BTW, is actually just Dead Scream in the original anime). I am HOPING beyond hope that when June 12th comes (because that's when the episodes for Sailormoon S will be shown on Cartoon Network's Toonami,) DIC got new voices for them. And hopefully better dialog too, because the Outer senshi are supposed to be the more _mature_ counterparts of the Inner senshi. They know that sacrifices have to be made if the world is to be saved; the Inner senshi try to save the world without sacrificing any innocent people.

I have very few complaints against the voices for the first and second seasons of Dragonball Z. (I believe the first season is when Nappa and Vejiita come to Earth, the second season is when Bulma, Kuririn, and Gohan are on planet Namek, and the third season is when Gokou finally joins the trio on Namek.) They (the voices) were also decent, and some were noticably outstanding. I thought Ian Corlett made a great Gokou, Scott McNeil was an _unforgetable_ Piccolo, and Brian Drummond was a good Vejiita. Testimony to his skill as a voice actor, I didn't even realize that Peter Kelamis had taken over as the voice of Gokou after Ian Corlett left. Heck, I didn't even know that there _WERE_ two voice actors for Gokou until I ran into Chris Psaros's DBZ Uncensored! The change was too subtle for me to catch. Then third season comes along...

Ohmygosh, was _that_ Piccolo? _THAT'S_ Vejiita?!! No way!! I absolutely _refuse_ to believe that _WHATEVER_ I'm hearing is their voices! No, no, no, no, no!! *holds head* Get those voices out of my head! Piccolo is _NOT_ supposed to sound like Vejiita!

Seriously, I was getting their voices mixed-up! While I was watching this _show_, I secretly thought that Piccolo and Vejiita were being done by the same voice actor; their voices were too similar to be done by two different people. *Unless they were being done by twins. I'd rather not think about that...* And I've pretty much stayed away from the dubbed DBZ after Third Season. ^_^;; Now I'm either listening to the wonderful voices of first and second season, the Spanish dub, or the Japanese original on the International Channel. Much, MUCH better. And easier on the ears too.

And as for the background music for the Third Season of Dragonball Z, um, excuse me, _what_ music? That _noise_ in the background can't possibly be music, can it? Even DIC's background music for the Sailormoon S movie is better than that _stuff_. Granted, it really did NOT sound right when DIC started mixing some music from the original anime with some of their own for Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack and Rainbow Moon Heart Ache Healing (or something like that; DIC has the awful habit of changing the names of the Sailor senshi's attacks; just like FUNimation). Hmmm... Is this a preview of the dubbed Sailormoon S? I certainly hope not.

And now, just so that I can torture you readers even more *I'm just KIDDING!*, it's time to list the mistakes that DIC has done to the English dub of Sailormoon. (Mostly those I haven't fully explained yet.)

Bad thing #1: Distortion of characters.
Everyone seems to know that Zoisite was a guy in the Japanese version of Sailormoon, not a woman with a flat chest. And I mentioned earlier that Sailor Mars is actually much nicer in the Japanese version. There is no doubt in the Japanese anime that Sailor Moon _trusts_ Mars more than any other of the Sailor senshi. In the English dub, however, this trust is hardly shown. Instead, the dub makes Mars look like she's trying to takeover Sailor Moon's role as a leader, which is not the case. For example, there is the episode where the Sailor senshi are pretending to kick Sailor Moon out from the team for her improper attitude as a leader. When the monster of the day (a ninja) is choking Sailor Moon with a ribbon, the rest of the Sailor senshi are hidden in the bushes. The monster already knows that they are hidden there, but she has been told by Kunzite (or Malachite, in the dub) to ignore them since Sailor Moon wasn't part of their team anymore. While the Sailor senshi are trying to decide what to do, Sailor Mars holds up the crescent moon wand, Sailor Moon's current weapon to heal the monster so it'll revert back to the human being it had been before. The crescent moon wand is also a sign of leadership almong the Sailor senshi. (At least, that's what the dub said.)

In the Japanese episode, Sailor Mars says that Sailor Moon gave her the wand because Sailor Moon KNEW it would never fall into the hands of the enemy if Sailor Mars had it. This was also a precaution, since Sailor Moon _could_ be captured by the enemy during this plan and she did _NOT_ want the wand to be snatched up by the enemy. This shows that Sailor Moon obviously trusted Sailor Mars more than _ANY_ of the other senshi and was, in fact, a competent leader. However, in the English dub, Sailor Mars just says that the wand was lying around under her bed. Mars also adds that Sailor Moon must have left it there, forgetting all about it after a Sailor meeting. Not only does this make Sailor Moon seem irresponsible and therefore, totally unfit to be the Sailor senshi's leader; it casts a suspicious look on Mars, making it seem that Mars deliberately kept the wand from Sailor Moon. Big difference.

Bad thing #2 (well, kinda): DIC cutting out entire episodes.
Well, perhaps, this isn't completely bad, but there are a few episodes that _should_ have stayed in. One particular episode I'm thinking of is the one that gives a great deal of background information on Sailor Venus who was formerly known as Sailor V. The dub only _implies_ that Sailor Venus is Sailor V.

Sailor V was the first Sailor senshi to be awakened with her powers. (It was also a reference to Takeuchi Naoko's Code Name wa Sailor V manga; a manga which preceded Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. Oddly enough, the preview of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon in Nakayoshi (Jan. 1992) gave the name Bishoujo Senshi Sailor V, not Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. Takeuchi-san changed her mind? Details are unclear, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Kodansha asked her to create the manga with a different lead character. Humph, do all manga artists get bullied this way?)

Although the episode didn't _really_ have anything to do with the main storyline, it was a _MAJOR_ character-building episode for Sailor Venus. Without it, Sailor Venus seems to be more of a semi-major character; a kind of "shadowed" senshi. She has no depth in the English dub, whereas, in the Japanese version, this episode serves to show Sailor Venus's life BEFORE she joined the other Sailor senshi. Sailor Venus had her own share of adventures and loves before she joined up with the rest of the Inner senshi, and none of that shows through in the dub.

Okay, now it's time for mistakes (those I haven't fully mentioned yet) BOTH DIC and FUNimation made in the production of the dubs.

Fact #1: BOTH dubs avoid death like the plague.
Dragonball Z's obvious "the other dimension" crap is one example. However, the Sailormoon dub deals with death a little more subtly.

If you listen to the dialog carefully, you would find that all the characters in the Sailormoon dub rarely say die or anything that has to do with death. They say, "You are dust," or "You're gonna be vaporized," or as in the battle with Wiseman/Doom Phantom "I'm gonna whip your butt." (Although, that phrase is rather funny once I think about it. ^_^;) I'm actually surprised that DIC allowed the scene where you actually see the face of the Doom Phantom. It's a human skull. Oh, and BTW, in the Japanese version, the Wiseman is actually called the _DEATH_ Phantom, not the Doom Phantom. Better than FUNimation's "the other dimension" line, but still sneaky.

Now, let's go back to the battle with Queen Beryl. At the end of the Japanese episode, it's pretty clear EVERYONE died. All the Sailor senshi died. Prince Endymion *or Prince Darien in the dub* died. And within those two Japanese episodes there were death scenes of each Sailor senshi and of course, Prince Endymion. And guess what DIC did. That's right, cut, cut, cut. DIC made it seem that the Sailor senshi were kidnapped into the Negaverse, not killed by the enemy. And then, somehow, they were brought back to Tokyo but with no memories. That's not what really happened.

In the Japanese version, the Sailor senshi and Prince Endymion were brought back because _TIME_ was turned back a year, before the Sailor senshi became, well, Sailor senshi. There are, of course, weird little facts that seem to show that this isn't the case, but that's an error from the original Japanese anime, not DIC's mistake. (WOW, even the Japanese version has some flaws.)

Fact #2: Torture scenes were cut out or altered.
Obvious, isn't it? Visible blood from cuts, wounds, and the like are avoided in both dubs. Did you know that Prince Endymion _TORTURED_ Sailor Moon in front of Queen Beryl? DIC cut that out. Did you know that Sailor Moon had her right cheek cut during the final fight with Queen Beryl from a broken crystal piece? That's cut out too, but, oddly enough, you see part of it in the intro of the dub. Actually, you see a _LOT_ of cut stuff in the Sailor Moon Says section of the anime and in flashbacks. (BTW, Sailor Moon Says was something that DIC added on to the show.)

Fact #3: Perverted stuff was cut out or altered so it wasn't perverted anymore.
I suppose it's understandable; and really, it's up to the viewer to decide if they really want to see stuff like that. In this area, I didn't mind too much except for the fact that this _could_ be listed as a character distortion excuse. Why? Both Kame Sennin Mutenroshi *or Master Roshi in the DBZ dub* and Sailor Mars's grandpa were perverts in their original anime. Now both are nice, old men in their respective dubs.

Also, panty shots and anything with cleavage were also cut from the dubs. This includes some of the body lines shown while the Sailor senshi were transforming into their Sailor suits.

Fact #4: Christian symbolism or anything that was Christian-related was cut out or altered.
FUNimation avoided using the words associated with God, Lord, etc. DIC cut out a scene where Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus were "crucified" on crystal crosses in Rubeous's spaceship. Expect a lot more cutting and _hacking_ in the dubbed Sailormoon S.

Fact #5: Corny dialog.
This is almost a no-brainer. Example from the dubbed DBZ: (Freeza talking) "Pop goes the weasel!" -_-; Example from the dubbed Sailormoon S movie: Serena's little "speech" about life while she's focusing all the Sailor senshi's power on the Ice Queen. It's too long to type out and the tone the voice actor took while saying it made me want to gag.

Fact #6: Changed the names of some of the characters' energy/ki attacks.
As I said, _SOME_. Gokou still has his Kamehameha *although, he sometimes mispronounces it*, and for some reason, DIC let Sailor Mercury change her Mercury Ice Storm Blast back into the original Aqua Shine Illusion while dubbing the remainder of Sailormoon R. Sorry, I'm not going to make a big list of what was changed and what was not right here.

Fact #7: Changed most or _all_ of the background music.
Again, I really don't have much to explain here. However, I'd like to point out that I prefer the dubbed Sailormoon background music than FUNimation's trash that they call background music.

Final score:
DIC - 10
FUNimation - 11

Yes, you've finally reached the end, good for you! If you thought I've rushed through the end, you'd be right because almost EVERYONE knows this stuff by now and it wouldn't do this editorial any good by dragging it out. Oh, yes, those of you who wish to contact me or have questions about this editorial can send an e-mail to

Oh, and here's some extra credit for those Dragonball and Sailormoon otaku out there.

Want to double check my information? Good idea! I tried my best on keeping everything correct, but I'm bound to have slipped up somewhere. (I first thought up the idea of this editorial in March of 2000 and have been working on and off it until June 2000.) Sites that have contributed to all this knowledge stuck in my brain are:

DBZ Uncensored by Chris Psaros at

The Sailor Senshi Page by Jackie Chiang at

The Sailor Moon FAQ (which consists of 5 _long_ documents) on Ken Arromdee's Home Page at

The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko (for info on Takeuchi Naoko) by Alex Glover at

Planet Namek (for the confirmation of dubbed Sailormoon S's starting date) at

and possibly

VegettoEX's Home Page which is now Daizenshuu EX at

For all those who maintain those sites, I give you a big THANK YOU! Special thanks for Chris Psaros for getting me interested in what happens to anime when it gets dubbed and thanks for Jackie Chiang for her enormous information site on Sailormoon and her fanfics.

Comments on this article can be sent to: Nerissa Ying.

Comments made on this page are opinions of the author. They are not necessarily shared by Tripod and the Amazoness Quartet.

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