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  Guest Article: July 7th, 2002

The Life-Cycle of the Sailormoon Webmaster

By: nemesis

An issue that is typically pressing in the Sailormoon web community is the closure of famous Sailormoon web sites. From Janelle's site to Immora's, many great, ground-breaking resources have closed, for one reason or another. We, as fans, don't always look at their reasoning, for all we can say is, "Why? People love this site! Why are they leaving us?" Anger felt on the part of the fan seems common, at least as an initial reaction. I remember this being a huge deal a couple of years ago, in the community.

I am a fairly well-known webmaster, the creator of The Sailor Moon Episode Center ( And I used to be the same way, angry and hurt at those webmasters who "got too busy", "lost interest", or "found something better to work on". Until the tables were turned... I first got into making Sailormoon websites 5 years ago, when my mother discovered the plethora of SM sites by typing the word into a search engine. Immediately, my mind raced. Look at all this information, things I never knew about the show! They're called "senshi"? There are more than 5? THERE ARE MORE SEASONS? I researched and researched, and being the "expert" I was after a day of hunting, I decided to make a site. A simple thing, off Geocities. No HTML, no design skills, no clue about other anime. At all.

As time went on, my skills developed, and the site (the BSSMC, still at grew. More in-depth content, more commentary, media, etc. I was so excited - this "anime" thing is amazing! Yet, as I designed and watched more SM, I learned about other anime. Rayearth. Utena. Gundam Wing and lain. The list grew and grew, as did the website.

But out of love for the show that started it all, my sites just continued to expand. I would eventually make a shrine to Mercury and Neptune (now closed) and a web clique (also closed), when I got a domain. When I found out that S and SuperS were to be dubbed, I decided to take all my old episode summaries from the BSSMC and turn them into a full-fledged site, the Episode Center. And it took off, became a very popular site. I wrote summaries, every single day. Reviews, added media. Redesigned and redesigned. But I watched more anime - Eva, Key, Gunnm, Love Hina, Kenshin, Bebop...and it hit me one day, like a strike of lighting.

There's more out there than this.

I made personal sites, a blog and a writing site, a layout archive. I upped my domain, started a little web design company (/design) with a friend. Branched out into other anime-type sites and personal projects. I closed but one of my strictly-SM related sites, the Episode Center. And why did I do it? Because...because I matured along with my anime. Sailormoon is a show that deserves incredible merit for bringing people into anime, for empowering girls to follow their dreams and their hearts. But I got older. I watched more. I wanted more than writing commentary, summaries. I wanted creativity, challenge, I wanted to ENJOY things. And...I was busy. Life hit me.

No, the Episode Center is not closed, and never WILL be closed, as long as my domain survives. It will not be updated much - what's left to say? - but it will always remain, as a tribute to my love for the show that started it all. But no more...

In short, before you get angered at the next big site that goes down (and it will happen, one of these days), just think about what I've said. This is the cycle of the SM webmaster, and except for those rare few, will hit them all eventually.

May the love of Sailormoon stay with us forever ---

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