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  Guest Article: Janruary 14th, 2000

In Defense Of Hitoshi Doi

By: Myrna-chan

He put up one of the first English Sailormoon site ever. He gave basic information, episode summaries, that HUGE Encyclopedia, and spawned a whole lot of other Sailormoon sites. Now he's apparently obsolete because he doesn't have enough images. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING?!?!

*calms down* Alright. Flash back to 1995-1996. My family didn't have a Pentium or even Windows. We had a 3.86 IBM with DOS. And for an internet background, white text, no images. (Might have even been Lynx.) More primitive than Netscape 1. I bet you can't imagine what it was like to try to surf the web using that.

There were only a few Sailormoon sites up back then. The seriously defunct Outer Senshi Corridor Of Sailormoon, Castle In The Sky, maybe the AQ, and Hitoshi Doi's. Couldn't see the other three, but Hitoshi Doi's page was one I -could- look at. (No offense to you, goddesses of WPRs)

Hitoshi Doi designed his site so everyone could look at his page, no matter how primitive the browser. Everyone else is now designing their pages for Netsapce, MIE, and others. I can't imagine trying to surf these pages now with that browser. I bet I could still look at Hitoshi Doi's, though.

I had the pleasure of meeting Hitoshi Doi at Anime North '99 last June. He was polite, friendly, and had a big smile on his face. If I ever meet any other famous WPMs, I hope they act just like he did.

So, you people with your MIE 5, Netscape 4, Win98, and a 56.6 KPS connection, try and imagine working with a primitive browser, and only having Hitoshi Doi's page to look at. He should be treated with a lot more respect than what he's given.

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