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  Guest Article: December 3rd, 1999

A Job Not-So-Well Done

By: Myrna-chan

Has anyone noticed those big, huge, crappy, gaudy awards that grace the index pages of some of the worst pages? I sure have. And it makes me sick.

Sailor Yohko put it best. She had the 5 basic types of awards (You came to my page! Here's your award!) (You gave me an award so here's one back!) (Do all this crap for me and then you'll get the award!) (You're my friend. Here ya go.) and finally (You've got a great page. Here ya go.)

She neglected to remember the 6th one, that being "Your site is really crappy but in my eyes it's great so here's your award". I went to one really bad page with a large image gallery with all the images linked to her D drive (O_o What da?) the usual doll box stats with hideous backgrounds, hidden midis, and TeXt LiKe ThIs On EvErYpAgE.

I go to her awards page, and she's got 5 pages of these really ugly awards! I decided to look into the problem because I had a hard time believing these people would give her all these awards. Some of the awards had her site's name on it. Okay, she actually won those. Some of the other ones belonged to pages as crappy as hers were. THAT explains it.

You know..I really wish people would stop and think about WHY they're giving out the award. Is it because the page is good? Or is it, in truth, because you're desperate to get visitors to your site?

I also went to one site where they gave out 47 awards. Half of them were new names for "pretty pages" or "nice shrine to Sailor Venus". Several were ones that you couldn't apply for, and that they only gave to their friends. So these friends of yours with non-anime pages get these awards for actually knowing that you have a piece of lettuce on your teeth get an award where a nice person who shares the same interest as you doesn't?! Give me a break already!

In conclusion, I think that the whole web would be improved if we just wiped crappy awards off the face of the earth, and maybe even the crappy people who give them out.

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