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  Guest Article: November 5th, 1999

Thanks Dic: A Sailormoon Story

By: Sailor Music

One day a the Sailormoon fan (who prefers to be nameless) was looking through a brand new Sailormoon web site. This fan went from link to link, having a great time browsing. Then she found a link that said "Make one Wish". He clicked on the link, and a little window popped up, that read "What is your wish?" The sailormoon fan just typed down a wish of the top of her head, which was "That Dic never dubbed Sailormoon", and clicked on "Submit".

Suddenly the room began to spin. Everything went faster and faster and faster and faster... then everything went black.

The Sailormoon fan woke up in a large room. People in suits were sitting around a table. It looked like a board meeting. On the wall it said "Dic, North America's #1 cartoon company". Suddenly a Man walked in the room. He sat down in a big, comfortable, looking chair. He said "I just came back from Japan and saw a interesting show called "Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon", and was thinking that we should consider dubbing it. All in favor, say Aye". No one answered. Suddenly the room began to spin again, everything went faster and faster... until everything went black.

The Sailormoon fan opened her eyes. She looked around, "Where am I now?" she thought. "Hey, this is my room!" she thought, "But it's... different." Where were her Sailormoon posters, her Sailor Moon mouse pad, her Sailormoon Moon wand. She walked over to the computer, sat down and turned it on. Where was her Sailormoon startup screen? Next, she saw her desktop. Where was her Sailormoon icons, her Sailormoon Wallpaper. She pressed Start, and looked through her programs... Where was Paint Shop Pro, Internet, and other programs? She clicked on Netscape Navigator, and clicked on bookmarks. Where were all her bookmarks? She typed in the URL of her own page. She got a Tripod message that said "That page doesn't exist on this server. What was going on? She typed in some of the URLs of her favorite SM pages... they were gone too. She went to and searched for Sailormoon in English. One hit popped up. She clicked on it. It was a page with yellow writing on a white background. They're were nine broken pics and seven broken links. The only text on the page read: I went to Japlan and saw a show caled Silormoon! It is the wickiest, awesomeest, show eva!

This Sailormoon fan couldn't take it anymore... she screamed! What had happened? Suddenly it came to her. The wish she had made, about Dic not dubbing Sailormoon, had come true. And look what happened! "If only I had made that wish!" she thought. She screamed again. Everything started to spin and went black.

The Sailormoon fan opened her eyes. She was back in her room. Her Sailormoon posters were their! So was everything else. She looked at the compute screen. There was that link that said "Make one Wish". She went to her bookmarks, all the regular Sailormoon sites were there! She typed in the URL of her page, it was there! She went to, and searched for Sailormoon in English. Over 10,000 hits popped up! It must have been all a dream! Dic did dub Sailormoon!

She logged off the internet, turned of her computer. Just as she left her room, she whispered "Thanks Dic".

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