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  Guest Article: August 1st, 2000


By: Moon-star

This article was sent in on: July 18, 2000


Okay. I'll be sensible here. Its good that Haruka and Michiru are cousins.Sisters SHOULDN'T EVER get along that well forever. Amara and Michelle had to be changed. There was no way that it would be possible to show Sailormoon S on American Television with that in there. Anyone remember the controversy made over Ellen? (That was a LONG time ago...) If your not going to watch it, don't. If you are, go ahead! Its a free country you can turn of the TV people !

In all seriousness, I personally had my best friend taken away from me by her mother because I watched Sailormoon (Japanese version) and got her into it. Cartoon Network would forever be condemned to go straight down, according to allot of people. Just like Disney and the Tellatubies and everything purple, *thats my favorite color and I'm not gay!* and well the list goes on. Get a GRIP people.

In the end, does it really matter is Haruka and Michiru are gay, and Amara and Michelle cousins? They aren't real, sure it does enhance the plot, in the Japanese version, and that beautiful scene in EPS 110 will have to go (WAA! The hands scene! I LOVE IT, I can even play the BGM-_-;; At the time I wrote this 110 hadn't played. Now it has, and the impact was totally thrown out. Cloverway hasn't hidden the fact very well...) Sailormoon is a show, a fictional show with its faults. If the dub was so bad, you wouldn't be watching it. Some of you complain and still watch the dub, so it does effect you opinion that much. In the end, its FICTION, people like it, people don't. I'll hit that remote everyday to watch that show, and some of you do to. If its that bad turn it off !!

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