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  Guest Article: October 12, 1999

Bad Ol'Anti Moonie!

By: Miss Michiru

Anti moonies, youíre so mean
Itís time to face reality
Iím not changing what I think,
Just to ensure that youíre happy

Iím not listening
To your flames
Iím not caring
About your anti game

Let me do as I like,
I would do the same for you
Letís be at peace,
Letís start anew

But if flamingís your game,
I can play that too!
Who would win a war,
Moonies, or you?

Face the music,
Weíre not weak
Youíre the weak one,
If you think weíre meek

I can ensure you,
The web is free.
We can do as we want,

Anti moonies, youíre so mean.
Itís time to face reality.
Iím not changing what I think,
Just to ensure that youíre happy

Okay, now that thatís out of the way, I should explain. I think that anti moonies should just lay off. If we want to build Sailor Moon web pages and watch SM on TV, we can! Itís not like itís the only thing on the web. If some people donít like Sailor Moon, we shouldnít be affected by that fact. We do, and we show it on the World Wide Web. Why should non-SM fans care? Yeesh. I hate Dragon Ball Z, but I donít go around flaming DBZ fans and building anti Dragon Ball sites, now do I? Plus, I once visited an anti moonie site which said "All moonies are brats". My brother, however, is extra mean. He says "Sailor Moon is copying Pokemon, Power Rangers, and Dawsonís Creek". You think it ever came to his mind that Sailor Moon came before those?

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