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  Guest Article: June 17th, 1999

A Virtual SailorMoon Christmas Carol: Past, Present and Future

By: Setsuna Meioh


In the past years of the BSSM Online Community, people where actually surprised and thrilled to know a single tag of HTML. The page standards were not as high as now, since web designs have not really come to the mind of the SM Community yet.

The past is "trash *" compared to now, since newer versions of HTML were still coming around the Internet. People have just discovered it, and itís community-like communications. E-mail was still coming around to the people, and BSSM was still on the air. Great sites like the SailorMoon Zone was still beginning to get into one piece, and the AQ was still trying to learn HTML. Sounds like a story that your grandparents would tell, eh?

But this is reality, people. Everything has a beginning, middle, and end. In our case, this would be the beginning of the SM community. While AQ and SMZ were putting their sites into 1 whole piece, the rest of the community was still struggling with HTML. Yes, even great sites now may had a rough start in 1996. In the past years, the BSSM Community was still trying to develop its way through while it was still on the air.


Now, the standards of a web page are rising, the AQ are no longer putting their site into 1 piece; instead they are reading over nominations, fan-letters, flames and articles for their "Lemure Files." No longer is Apatt struggling with HTML, instead he is getting requests, fan-letters, flames and The SM Files submissions.

What is the difference? Yes, the web page standards have been rose from 1 to 9. And suddenly, people are starting to get serious about design and forget the content, the flamers are putting some kind of letter in a popular pageís guest book, the Juniors vs. Seniors flame war has started, a flame war started in the SMZCC Forum . . . . All sorts of things are happening. Gorgeous sites with rotten contents are popping up, beautiful designed and original contents pages are now recognized as "Best Site of the Month" and so on and so on.

Now when you think about it, BSSM Community is growing fairly fast; the rotten sites are everywhere, the gorgeous sites are not up-to-date, wonderful web masters and mistresses are shutting sites down . . . itís like an abandoned part of a beautiful city, ne?

While the elegant and delicate and original sites are there, most of them have a small update at least once a month, or sometimes even only 1 tiny update in every 2 months. What happened to the people fascinated by HTML? What happened SailorMoon still on the air?

The community changes like a rocket. One second you are fascinated because youíve made a sloppy, ugly, rotten site with plagiarism written all over it and the next youíre admiring the gorgeous layouts and complicated graphics of the Web Page Authors Mafia.


Telling the future of the community is complicated . . . . sites may not be changed ever because of the millennium bug, the web designs might even rise to a higher level, information and personality to a character might not be important anymore; anything could happen. For, the BSSM Community could just suddenly be filled with flame wars, it might fall apart just like a civil war, and you never know but in one-finger snapís second the BSSM Community might just be torn down by flamers and newbies deciding wether to create a combo, shrine, image gallery or a midi page.

Itís like telling what might be in a Hershey chocolate box; you never know what could happen; it is the future anyways. The Community might even just improve, and people agree with one and other and respect policies and opinions of others, and the community might become a better place for everyone. Or it could be filled with adult stuff, and the younger viewís eyes may be filled with SailorMoon romance instead of what the series is really about. No one can tell that for sure, of course. It is just a guess of the new millennium.

However, the future of the SailorMoon Net Community depends on now, what we do to make sure that the root of SailorMoon and the basics, lessons of are known. But no matter how much editorials, articles, AQ rants, the web might still not accept that fact that plagiarism is illegal. Or can the Haruka fans accept that the fact that just because she is lesbian, it does not mean that she is not a female Senshi. Even if the SM Community has 100, 000, 000 editorials about the confusing issues, and some real answers to the questions, the web might still not listen.

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