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  Guest Article: November 5th, 1999

Ice and Bubbles

By: Marina

Ice and Bubbles. Graceful Waves. Wind Dreams. Sound familiar? They sound like titles of Sailor senshi shrine web pages, don't they? Well, not quite. There aren't any Sailor Moon pages out there with those names; at least, not yet. But it's my guess that it won't be long before those very names are used. Is it just me or are ALL of the new Sailor senshi shrine web pages that have been popping up lately have names JUST like those? I think I've figured out there formula for naming your Sailor Moon shrine. You either:

a)Name it after an attack that the senshi has. For example, naming your web page dedicated to Sailor Jupiter "Supreme Thunder". Or naming your Sailor Mercury page "Aqua Rhapsody". (If these names already exist, then I didn't know about it!)

b)Name your page a combo of words that are related to the senshi it's about; you can take words that relate to the senshi's fuku colors, elements, or pastime, and/or words from their attacks. If you were to make a shrine for Sailor Mercury, you could call it "Blue Mirage". Or if you were making a page for Sailor Uranus, you could call it "Windy Racing". Now don't get me wrong...sites with names like those aren't necessarily bad fact, some sites I know with those kinds of titles are the best sites I've seen based on the Sailor senshi. I'm just saying that the titles are so unoriginal! Come up with something new and unique already! Furthermore, having a site with that kind of name makes it easy to forget, because there's already so many other sites with titles that are almost identical. I've been getting all those new senshi shrines mixed up. I have no idea which one's which anymore. And please, don't use the word "dream" in the title! Without exaggerating, I think I've been to maybe 6 or 7 Sailor Moon sites in the past month with that word in the title. Why are people so obsessed over that word?

And then there's the layout. I am sick and tired of coming across the same old boring layout for the opening page; you know it by now...the square in the middle of the screen, taking up about 1/4th of the screen, and having very little images and info in it. There's a pro to doesn't take long to load at all, and that's a very big pro. But being unoriginal and similar to about 25 other sites is not too pleasing to the eye, and that's a very big con. At the very least...would it be too much to ask for if you could just have slightly more descriptive headers for each area of your page?! I don't know where to go when I come across this list of choices at the opening page: "Once Upon a Moon/Love is Energy/Pink Bunnies/Lunar Memories/Prism Dreaming."

What the hell is that all supposed to mean? Where should I go from there? I don't see what's so wrong about the wonderfully legible "About Usagi/Picture Gallery/Usagi Quotes/Lyrics/E-mail". Aahhhh...

...Well, I'm aware of what this all is. A trend. Simply a trend. And eventually it will fade away, and another trend will take its place. And take note of that: that's "its" place, not "It's! It seems like no one, and I mean no one ever gets that word right! I sometimes worry if I'm the only on in cyberspace who can spell that correctly... Well, anyway, as I was saying, eventually another trend will take its place...and then another...and so on. That's how trends are. After all, a few years ago, one trend for Sailor Moon pages was to have the name of a place in the page title, such as "The Sailor Senshi Palace", "The Sailor Senshi Planet", "The Sailor Moon House", etc.

So, trends will always be here to stay, but please, if you can, stay far, far away!

It pays to be original, peeps. After all, there is always, each and every time, one person who starts a trend...whose page is at one time considered original... ...this time, try and make it yours.

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