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  Guest Article: July 1st, 2000

Sympathy for the Dub

By: Lunar

You know, it's kind of sad that everyone keeps bashing the dub. Yeah, I know Serena's new voice is irritating and they've changed a lot of stuff that those of you who have seen the original don't like, but don't you guys think we should be grateful that we at least have that? If it weren't for the dub, probably at least half of the people here now would not be because they discovered Sailor Moon because of the dub, myself included. Also, everyone runs around blaming the dub companies because they screwed up so bad, well, one, we all make mistakes (i.e. Serena's voice actor), two, it's not because the dub companies want to "protect" us from any lesbian activities or even have a problem with homosexuality, but they do that because they've got to cover their own rear ends.

I know there are those of you out there saying, "But Haruka and Michiru aren't lesbians!" Maybe so, but they could be perceived as being such, and believe me, a lot of people would. The show was created for a Japanese audience, whose culture would understand that kind of relationship. American kids would sit there and think what the dub companies would expect them to be thinking, homosexuality. Now, who do they have to cover their butts with? Networks, for one. They have to make their show so that it will make it onto a station so they can make money. And no station is going to put a show on the air if they think it's going to be objectionable. If they put a show on the air that lots of people find offensive, they'll get lots of negative mail about it and people may stop watching that channel for fear of what other material might show up on it. This could mean that companies will pull their advertising from the show's timeslot because they're afraid of guilt by association, people will think less of them for sponsoring an objectionable show and not buy their produts, or, the more likely problem, less people will see their ads, because less people will be watching the show, and so they'll want to put ads where the most viewers are, of course, so they get the most exposure, be it in another time slot, or even on another channel. Networks, of course, don't want to lose viewers, don't want to lose advertising, and don't want to waste time on a show that isn't making the money another show could. So, the people who make the dub have to accomodate the people who are distributing the show in order to get the money they want out of it...

It's all about compromise... For example, calling Amara and Michelle cousins was a way that they could maintain a close relationship between the two, while covering their own rear ends... So, next time you or someone else decides to complain that you don't like the way the dubbers handled a potentially controversial situation, please think about what everybody has to do to stay in business and have a little consideration for that... The dub could be worse, a lot worse... Be grateful it's not. This was not meant to offend anyone and I am sorry if I have... But please, think before you attack...

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