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  Guest Article: June 17th, 1999

The Biggest Clichè of them All

By: Liz

Well, I fist would like to start out to say this: Everyone in this so-called "SM community" has commited this crime. Even I have. But that is not the point. The point is that people find it cool, attractive if you will, to use Japanese words on their webpages or in chat rooms. For example, you load up a webpage, and the first thing you see in a H2 tag is "KONNICHI WA, MINNA-SAN!! THAT'S JAPANESE FOR, "HELLO, IMA MORON!". It has actually turned into a -cliche- to say something like that on your webpage.

Now, I do_NOT mean to insult anybody when I say that, but is -SO- overly used now that it is literally an insult to the Japanese language AND culture. I am not a scholar in Japanese, -and I'm not claiming to be-, but I am taking a Japanese/Kanji course this summer and I do know the Hiragana/Katakana chart table. Therefore, I KNOW when somebody makes a mistake on their webpage with their not-all-that-hot attempt at Japanese. And it pisses me off even more when people claim and -act- like they know the in's and out's about the Japanese language. Let me tell you something: It is the second hardest language in the world to learn, right next to American English. Do ANY of you really believe that you can master the language over the -internet-..? If you can, I'de like to know how.

Let me put it this way: the only true way to understand the full meaning behind Japanese words is to look at the Kanji, Hiragana, sometimes even KATAKANA script...-not- through the romanjii (English) ways of spelling Japanese words. If you claim to me that you can understand the full meaning behind Japanese words through the English, I will simply roll my eyes. Ever go to the Japanese to English dictionary? Look up an English word. Let's say...Eternally. Oh wow. Do you -see- all those Japanese words for that one little English word? There you go. My point has shown through. Don't pretend that you know everything about Japanese. And research your translations before you make a full statement on your webpage. And try STUDYING kanji script. And... ::gets a sock stuffed in her mouth as she is dragged off to the asylum::

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