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  Guest Article: October 27th, 2001

Baby's Fourth Birthday

By: Leon

This November 9th marks the fourth anniversary of my SM site, Nyanko's Sailor Moon. I'm sure you've seen it at some point; it was one of the first Sailormoon sites to use Ebonics, one of the few combo pages that never had an image gallery, and, at one point, was divided between Angelfire, Homestead,, and two GeoCities accounts all at the same time. Yes, what started out as a way to kill time while I waited for my family to finish their classes at a local community college (Ironically, I'm now a student there!) soon became my obsession (Yeah, drove 'em crazy, I'll tell 'ya!!) and eventually was the nucleus for my web site collective. It was my hobby, my big project, my stress-reliever -- especially once I got my own computer! And, in the last few years, I've seen many of the changes that took place in the Sailormoon Community.

You'll probably notice that Sailormoon sites have improved a great deal in the last few years (Nowadays, anyone with Internet access can create a half-decent page), and most of them are pretty well-planned and designed. But some of you older folks will remember a time when huge, direct-linked images and stolen, mixed-up info were the norm (That's what I started out with on my site). I had many an image linked directly from the now-defunct Transparent GIF Gift Shop (Which many SM site owners used religiously!). Many sites were put together using GeoCities Basic Editor (You can always spot a site that has utilized this utility) And everyone flocked to for their clunky hit counters, divider bars, and those buggy chat rooms that always seemed to attract some of the most racist, homophobic psychopaths... Those were the days!

I wasn't around for the Hentai Wars, but I was there for the Webring boom, when it seemed that, if you had a SM site (Or any site), you just HAD to run a webring. Some even had two or three, and many of them were not very original or well-designed -- You just had to somehow combine the words "Chibi" "Sailor" "Power" "Scouts" and "Ring", maybe toss in a planet name, and you had most of the ring titles! And most of these existed primarily for the purpose of staying on the bandwagon (Kind of like Tamagotchi, only no 3 A.M. feedings!). And most of them used the same images, maybe with a few variations (If I have to see that stupid 1996 calendar image of Super Sailormoon one more time...). Many of these disappeared over time (This may have something to do with our favorite web conglomerate, Yahoo!, taking over, but soon gave way to OrbitCycle and those delightful little nuggets of script known as link cycles. Yup, the SM Community's answer to red leather zippered jackets and white rhinestoned gloves. If webrings weren't jacked up enough, link cycles made you want to tear your hair out!! These were even less thought out than webrings, and 90 percent of the time, you ended up with broken images and mangled JPGs. Like webrings, this was a nice idea to get traffic to your site, but was overkilled because people usually had about twenty on one page (Can you say "LOADING SONG"??). Unlike webrings, these puppies stayed popular for about as long as POGs did, and most link cycles faded into Internet oblivion. Gives web clique owners something to think about!!

Another thorn in the SM Community's side has been SOS, from the time the dub was first cancelled (Remember that Kellogg's procott?? I still can't stomach the sight of Strawberry Pop-Tarts!) to the "Prince Uranus" rumor (Would sort of explain the manga a bit), right down to them taking credit for every time they replayed the series. They've been the source of many unfounded rumors, useless procotts (Like I'm paying $14 bucks for a jewelry box in the shape of Luna-P!!), and the downfall of MIDI music! Anyone remember when they blasted Moon Revenge with no way to shut it off?? And haven't they been using the same layout since 1995?? Still makes me want to track down Incognito and do a full-on, acid jazz rendition of the Loading Song!

All in all, it's been a very great four years. There have been times when I just wanted to hit that "Delete My Account" button on GeoCities, but I held on, and my site is getting better with time. In nearly four years (Actually, six since I first started watching the dub), has my interest in Sailormoon waned?? A little bit. I'm not as obsessive as I once was, but there is so much that I have yet to see, mainly the later series and most of the manga. I've also found a few new interests, such as RPGing, the former members of Destiny's Child and a newfound interest in the 1980's cartoon Jem. What's in store for my site?? Though many people have closed up shop for various reasons, my site will stay open and be expanded a bit. I'm even in the process of renovating a site that was given to me some time ago and turning it into an original multimedia site. What else lies ahead?? Who knows what the next four years will bring!!

**Blasts MoonMix MIDI and smiles**

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