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  Guest Article: August 6, 1999


By: Lenesa

THE END IS NEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, maybe not. But the world of Sailormoon? Possibly. You've seen the signs. On of the biggest ones are huge, wonderful Sailormoon web sites coming to an end. Why? Because the creators just "aren't interested anymore", or they've "moved onto other things".

And I wonder "How dare they?!" I'll admit, Sailormoon has ended, but I'm a true, dedicated fan of SM, and I still enjoy watching it. Since I didn't have cable, and I remember *begging* friends for tapes of the DiC dubbed Sailor Moon, that were recorded from television, and practically squealing my head off every time I got to see a new show. I remember getting so pissed off at how they didn't finish dubbing the entire series, that I nearly tore the walls down of my house. I remember sneaking away at the supermarket, just to buy a bunch of Sailormoon trading cards. I remember trying to obtain every single thing related to Sailormoon; articles, clippings, dolls and any other type of merchandise.

I remember how Sailormoon could make me laugh one moment or cry the very next. I remember how I felt when I watched Sailormoon, and how I could forget everything else in the entire world, and be temporarily caught in a world of princesses and princes; a world of magic, romance, and of course, a world of imagination.

Don't YOU remember?

It is likely that the world of Sailormoon is indeed coming to an end. Why? I think the main reason is that people have just stopped watching it, and have started watching other types of anime. And I think that's great, to broaden your interests of anime, but to abandon Sailormoon entirely? I know I will NEVER abandon Sailormoon entirely, I owe Sailormoon a lot, and I'll never forget that.

And what if you say to yourself, "But I just don't like Sailormoon anymore." Well, why don't you start watching it again? I know that I thought I didn't like Sailormoon at first, that is until I actually started watching the show, then I really got into it, and couldn't stop. I'll bet that once you begin to watch one show again, you'll be hooked.

Especially on the internet, who knows what could happen to the world or SM? With the presumed possibility of the Y2K bug, the 'world' could actually end. But I see that as a chance to start over, the begin again, with a fresh new start. If you do think your sick of maintaining a SM web site, why not begin again? Go ahead, delete everything, and go back to the beginning, start with the DiC dub, and bring yourself back to a much simpler world. Start a new web page, one that's simple and small so you'll be at ease. Or you can always split-up your web site, and give it to others to maintain. But what I'm trying to say the most is DON'T GIVE UP!!

In the future, I hope that there will still be SM on the internet. And I'll know that I'm going to do everything I can in order to keep my SM page up, even if it'll just be there to remind people of the forgotten past. I want to share Sailormoon with those that will be younger than me. I want to share the feeling of joy, happiness, sorrow and laughter that I received from Sailormoon. I know that SM can be re-discovered, if not by us, then by a younger generation. Don't take away that chance for them.

No, Sailormoon will never be forgotten in my mind and heart, and I wish the same for all of you out there.

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