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  Guest Article: November 1st, 2000

What is the age for Sailor Moon?

By: Lazuli

I have often wondered what is the *true* age group for Sailor Moon these days? Not just the show, but in the manga and the musicals and whatnot. It was originally intended for little kids. I asked a fellow co-worker (who is Japanese) what the age group for Sailor Moon was in Japan. She replied "Five...maybe ten." That made me blush a little...I'm now 19 years old...

Here is a point though. A ten year old first watches Sailor Japan. The first season when it comes out. Five years later....are they still watching it? Or did they discard it after they reached a certain age? They wanted to know what happens. They make it for their age. They can make time for it, make excuses. I think that's what alot of fans do. They see different objects in the series. When you are younger, you probably don't give beans about Usagi and Mamoru's relationship. You want to see the bad guys beaten. When you get older, and the senshi get older with you, you get more into the story. More is shown...more details on their relationship. I think it was created (the anime) that way for the watchers that grew older. Like ourselves even.

After the series is done, and we are *still* intrested? The fanfics...the fansites, pictures. We want to share our love of the series for those who are just coming into it. We make the stories..continue on a well-beloved series. We make it for our age yet again. We are always expanding it. I own a website myself dedicated to Sailor Moon. So I feel ashamed of myself? No. I think that a great series like this should be spread, and should keep on going. There will always be someone to watch it, and they will continue the trend.

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