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  Guest Article: March 11th, 2000

The Best

By: The Late Wisher

What is the "best" exactly? Is it the same for everyone? Is it one, agreeable standard for all of us? Is it a grade, or a adhesive label? No, it isn't. The best is something that can differ from person to person. It is an opinion, the reason behind it as unique as every single individual behind that reason. You can't expect for someone to ask "What's the best?", and for everyone to agree.

So what is Sailormoon, then? Is it the best?

Any experienced Japanese animation fan, and even any unexperienced one, would know that it's repetitive, that there are filler episodes, that there are more than enough still frames, and that the animation is sometimes sloppy. We know that the monsters get cheesier each time, and that the set-up of the villains is the same, each time. We know that no one can have legs as long as that, that it's impossible to run that quick in heels, and that it must be remarkably cold with skirts that length. And we know that in the real world, things don't always turn out all right. But I'm not writing to insult Sailormoon....and I'm not writing to say that these things are not entirely true.

I wonder sometimes, why do so many have to nitpick on why Sailormoon is "not the best"? Why not express what you think is the best, and not deny others? Surely, if someone thinks that other anime is better then Sailormoon, they must be willing to accept that others think that Sailormoon is better than other anime, and the same goes for those who do think that Sailormoon is better. I believe that we all can have our own opinions, as long as we respect others.

Is it really just one aspect of an anime, such as the animation, decide if it is the best of not? It's a combination of things. And there's something about Sailormoon that makes those declare "It's the best!". Maybe it's the in-depth characters. Maybe it's the heartwarming romance and friendship. Or even the general development of the series, with all the tragedies and the joys. Maybe it's because it has a way of drawing you in, until you are so focused on the moment, you become a part of this world for a tiny second in your imagination. Or maybe it's that underlying truth that belief of anything is possible is not lost, even in a world of anime, where the unbelievable and the impossible reign. Maybe it's all of these things.

Isn't it reasonable for "the best" to stand for "the one that is my favorite". Or maybe "my obsession". Or even "the one I find the most absorbing", or "my most liked". But even then, it might not be "yours".

It's *their* best. And mine my opinion, that is.

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