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  Guest Article: January 29th, 2002

Useless Guestbook Flames

By: Lana

When a certain visitor is not satisfied with a site, they might type a flame in the guestbook (if the site has one). Flaming in guestbooks is very popular these days. You can say the meanest things, and remain completely anonymous. The truth is, most popular sites has or will more likely receive at least one flame. Yes that's right! The flame annoys or bothers them. What's up with these flames? I mean, many of these people have worked hard on their sites, and put a lot of effort into it, and they still get...FLAMES! Why can't some people understand that no site is perfect, and it's absolutely unnecessary to flame them just because it does not satisfy you enough!

On one of my friend's site (who shall remain anonymous) received a flame in her guestbook, and guess what is said?


Believe it or not, this visitor was upset because her site does not have games? Which makes it stupid? Is it really her fault that person got bored? Flamers are so clueless. Well her site is actually a "GALLERY" site, NOT a game site. For goodness sake, it's only suppose to have pictures on it, nothing else. Even the title of the site explains it clearly! This just proves that some visitors are careless and just plain mean.

Some people flame because they just want to have a big fight. Well that also proves that those people don't have anything better to do with their lives. I went to this homestead site dedicated to three animes. It was pretty much out of shape, pictures all over the place, text over images and hard to read. This was obviously a beginner’s site. This person just started on their site, and doesn't know web building well. I'm really a kind and warm-hearted person. So I would never flame a site, even if it just because it has no html or messy. I realize not everybody is perfect, and it takes people time and practice to learn something. Unfortunately, not everybody understands that. So as I click on that 'Guestbook' link to offer some friendly suggestions and compliments, I notice......that's right..........a FLAME! This person was blabbing on how messed up the site is, and how things are out of order. The flame had poor grammar, lack of sense, and was being so obnoxious about it!

Didn't that person know that this webmaster just started on her WebPages? Why did that flame had to be so harsh? I know some sites are not as good as others, but if you would like to have something improved or change you should ask or suggest it to them in a FRIENDLY manner! Do you think most sites are going to pay attention to a stupid and mean flame? Of course not! Instead of flaming, that person could have said, "Nice start on your site, I think it would be better if you add.......and change.......because........" Or something. Most people will pay attention to a nice suggestion like that, then a useless flame. It also shows that you’re intelligent enough to politely ask, and able to solves things in an appropriate behavior.

People, who are loud and mean, are often the ones that are rejected and ignored. For Pete's sake, guestbooks was never intended for flames! Many sites are taking their guestbooks off the page due to so many useless flames! If you have a complaint about something, don't click on that guestbook link and go ahead and type in the nastiest remark you can think of! Also, almost all flamers never leave their email address. Why? Is it because they’re afraid or something??? Hello? How can the webmaster possibly try to fix the problem if he or she can't respond to you! Well there's an idea! What do flamers expect from webmasters once they flame them? To listen to them right away and do whatever they tell them to??? Yea right!

Overall, flames are just plain stupid and useless. If you have a complaint, you should email that person and tell them in a reasonable manner. Or if you are going to sign in the guestbook of a site your not satisfied with, don't flame them, but add some friendly suggestions and comments. Be polite and respectful. Then they will listen to you! Everyone should try doing the same thing for everybody else. Isn't it common sense? If your a flamer and flamed someone, the chances are, it's going to be rejected and ignored. Maybe we might as well delete all our guestbooks to prevent any flames!

Just be nice and friendly when typing an entry in a guestbook, if you don't then too bad for you!

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