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  Guest Article: June 16th, 1998

Critiquing Criticism

By: Kotono

A long time ago, I owned a horrible page called Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts. I later found the Amazoness Quartet's site reviews and was astonished by the excellent quality of pages being reviewed for a good site.

At that moment I decided to make my site as good, if not better, than the others. I worked for a couple of months and finally I saw a message in my guest book: "I came here when I saw you listed as a good site on: 'The Worst Sailormoon Web Pages...'" I couldn't have been happier at that moment because I actually made a decent site out of a catastrophe.

Back a couple months ago, I couldn't believe my fate of getting one of the greatest awards a site could win. But now, the value of the award is no longer as high as it was before. Three other review sites have very high and respectable awards: The Needleleaf Society, The "M" Squad, and The SM BEST of Web. But, others started popping up. Parody pages and pages that would give an award to any of their friends sites. Not all were like that, but most.

I have stumbled upon approximately 10 pages of reviewers. Each different in some way, but related to each other in another. Most have taken on the "Bad Guy" theme and have chosen to not criticize and help, but harass others for what they did wrong with their web pages. This does not apply to all pages, but those few that know what they did. Some of them claimed to attack bad pages, but some how, it seems like they tried to get revenge against the web master. The goal in many other pages is not to help people, but to attack and banish horrible HTML & graphic designs, along with people, from the SM community. There was also the user-UNFRIENDLY viewing scheme. Large .gif files and non-compressed .jpg images didn't help surfers view their pages. I believe that you can observe many reviewers and tell the quality of the review by the way things are layed out. A team that has been on the 'net for quite some time should be experienced enough with HTML that they could make a decent page.

If one wants to create a review system, do it truthfully and only do it to help others. Web masters won't know you are doing good until you prove that you want to support those in need of correction. As a web surfer, remember that you can't believe all sources, but you can pick the best of the bunch and approve of its ways.

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