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  Guest Article: July 1st, 1999


By: Moon Klutz

There are many things that people in general take for granted. We automatically assume that Ami is smart because she loves to study, or has no life etc. We automatically assume that Makoto likes to fight because she's agressive. We automatically assume that Rei argues with people because she is cranky and easily agravated. We automatically assume that Minako is a ditz because she can't get certain phrases or sayings right. I read an article at AQ's Worst of the Web about the outer senshi and how the inner senshi are just boring old plain characters, standard in every way and not easy to relate to because they are so two-dimensional.

Well if you think that way about them, you obviously can't see much or understand much about real people, and the reasons they act that way.

Ami for instance. Ami grew up in an environment where her mother is her only parent, and is constantly at the hospital working with little time for her daughter. Ami does NOT study in excess because she is bored, or has no life. Ami studies because it is the only thing she is good at, and if she becomes the best, she thinks her mother will notice her more. This is classic. I know a LOT of people who try to do something very well, or lash out in hopes of gaining attention from their parents/loved ones etc. Who can't relate to that? Because I sure as heck can.

Makoto as we all know, loves to fight. The first time we see her in the anime, she beats the crud out of a huge guy trying to steal Usagi's lunch money. Latter, Umino reports that she was kicked out of her old school for fighting. Makoto does not love to fight because she is aggressive. Makoto's parents died in a plane crash when she was younger. Obviously, fighting is her way of lashing out, getting rid of excess anger that builds up in her due to her circumstances. Maybe not everyone has lost their parents, but I know that when I get angry, I slam doors, hit things etc. It's very plausible that the first time she had to lash out, the only thing around hit, was a guy. It all becomes a pattern, and eventually, you forget why you are angry, only knowing that you are upset. When you get upset, you lash out at people. It's very common!

Rei is a very personal person. She doesn't compliment people easily, and is constantly nagging on people. This is not because she's a terrible person, or hates Usagi. It is not because she is picky and controlling either. Rei actually has a very hard time showing her emotions, so she tries to show she cares for someone, like Usagi, by getting them to be the best they can be without getting to close to them. So she argues with Usagi and yells at her a lot, basically, it's her way of saying she loves her. My family is the same way. We don't eat dinner together, or talk much. Mostly, we disagree on everything, and argue about it constantly, but we love each other.

Minako is NOT a ditz. Have you ever thought about what her past as Sailor V was like? She didn't have time for anything after she became Sailor V. There was only practicing, fighting and patrolling. Also, Minako might have a fear of leadership. She might be afraid of failing others, and so she makes it easy for them to accept anything wrong she does as simply normal.

Usagi is a story all in herself. As a child, Usagi was probably naturally clumsy. People would make jokes about it, calling her a klutz. Latter on, she would enter school, and maybe the she wasn't the best at everything. People probably reinforced her already negative opinions of herself, and she basically, 'became' them. If everyone tells you that you are a failure, you most likely will fail. Eventually, it would become a reinforced habit, subconsciously failing. Also, she might have the same fear of responsibility Minako might have.

So, though the Outer Senshi do have good sides, and some rather unique issues for us to relate to, the inner senshi are not cardboard copy two-D characters, all face and no substance. I'm sure the Outer Senshi have these issues just like the Inners, but they are probably more complicated and easier to notice because they are older.

Don't judge a book by it's cover, it might have a Katana sword behind it's back.

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