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  Guest Article: May 1st, 1999

Ages In The Sailor Moon Web

By: Klutz

This whole thing started out with a simple question asked on my mailing list.

'Hey, how old is everybody?'

At first, I wasn't too surprised. A lot of the people on the list were teenagers between the ages of twelve and fifteen. Seemed normal enough to me. Heck, I own the list and I'm fifteen. When someone admitted that they were twenty-one a huge discussion got started. The girl felt old, and I just feel I should speak up on this.

In the Sailor Moon Society here on the net, it shouldn't really matter if you're an old newbie or a young oldie or vice versa. To tell the truth, most of the time people either seem a lot older or a bit younger than they actually are when I talk to them online. Mostly, it's because when people talk online they assume a personality slightly different from their own, but still similar. Heck, I'm a lot less violent and more waff/happy when I'm online than off. A lot of people wouldn't recognize me if it weren't for the name, probably because I am and always have been a huge klutz.

The main thing I'm trying to say is that maybe we shouldn't ask how old someone is, because if you're happy with the way you 'see' someone, why should you change it? Ok, you should find out if they're a guy or a girl, because that could be one very awkward situation, but don't ask how old someone is.

Also, groups like Hentai-Free are there to remind us that there are even some moonies out there under the age of five, and I'm sure that their parents or guardians wouldn't be to happy to find them looking at something filled with profanity or hentai. Really, the Sailor Moon groups on the Internet should be aimed at all age groups, and not judge people. Aren't we supposed to be the enigmatic, euphoric, anime-lovers?

I know a lot of people who ask me 'Don't you think you're a little old to be watching cartoons?' My answer is always and always will be the same. Never! And I only watch cartoons on weekends, I watch Anime during the week and read manga.

Think about it this way. You could be from the age of 30-something and up, sitting on a train in Japan reading manga, or watching some real-player anime on your laptop while riding a train, and no one would look twice. It's normal there. Anime and manga are something they grew up on, and aren't likely to grow out of any time soon. Why should North America and the rest of the world be any different? I've grown up on Anime, manga and comic books and I don't plan to stop! The world would be a heck of a lot nicer if we didn't judge people on what they like to do or don't, and what age they are.

If it doesn't matter how old you are when you like Manga and Anime there, why should it matter here?

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