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  Guest Article: August 26, 1999

Is DiC Really Evil?

By: KK

I cannot say I've been a Sailormoon fan very long. Perhaps a year and a half. Heck, I wasn't even into Anime before Sailormoon except Speed Racer, I didn't know anything about the Japanese Culture, and well, I was clueless. But one day I see this cartoon called "Sailor Moon" come on Cartoon Network.

Looks interesting enough...talking cats...evil guys, battles, a few catchy songs... not bad. I really got into Sailor Moon. However, Anime-related items were always hard to come across around my way so I had nothing but the episodes I taped off of television. Then, I thought, wait a second, I have a big gray machine downstairs, that Computer thing. And it has The internet, too! Maybe I could find a few pages out there on it. Well gee! I didn't expect to find THIS many pages. I don't remember what the first Sailor Moon page I visited was, but I remembered being overjoyed, whether it was any good or not.

Soon, I stumbled upon a site maintained by one Hitoshi Doi. I thought it would be interesting to learn more about Serena and her gang. So I clicked on Character Guide. But what's this? Tsukino Usagi? That didn't seem very familiar... well, soon I found out this is the Original Japanese version! And quite soon after that I found out it was lots better than the one I had been watching. So now I was into the adventures of Usagi and friends. I learned more and more every day, about seasons after the dubbing ended, movies, character's past and future, other Senshi, and how that bratty pink-haired kid ChibiUsa, formerly known as Reeny to me, became Sailor Chibimoon. (Er, nothing against ChibiUsa fans, I'm one myself. But she IS pretty bratty, c'mon...)

So through me stumbling across Sailor Moon on the Cartoon Network I ultimately and quickly became a Bijousho Senshi Sailormoon fan. I still don't know everything about the series; I don't know about all the Villains yet, like the Death Busters, and I have not seen most of the series. The only thing I have is over a gigabyte of Sailormoon AVIs, MPGs, MOVs and QTs to rely on. But I still want to learn as much about the series as I can.

So then I ask some people why DiC is so evil, if DiC is really what helped me discover Sailormoon? Surely not every fan of the Original had access to the original series and discovered it in its original form. So in some ways I thank DiC for bringing me Sailor Moon, even if it had to be in its own butchered, censored format. I know not all DiC fans of Sailor Moon even HAVE the Internet and may never see the true beauty of the Original, but I say at least they can have some Sailor Moon, rather than missing it altogether.

There are, or have been, Online organizations against DiC, and I have no doubt in my mind a lot of them were introduced and weened on the DiC version of Sailor Moon. So why turns your backs so quickly? Sure, now you know the Japanese version, and the Manga, but would you have that without DiC? I'm not sure some of you would.

So maybe I'll be the first one to say this, but: Thanks, DiC.

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