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  Guest Article: May 28th, 2000

It's Good to be Bad

By: ChibiKitschu

Lately I have noticed that a lot of good sites aren't getting what they deserve (awards, hits etc, etc). And that a lot of awful sites are getting lots of hits and awards. Some not even taking the time an effort to use HTML. I have heard some people save the reason that site got the award was because they felt sorry for them or they were just being nice. Or the reason the good site didn't get the award was because of one broken link and/or picture. No site is perfect! So then when I visit really great sites they only have a few awards vs. going to bad sites and I find they have won many, many awards. Maybe it was because the site owner doesn't apply for awards. But when bad sites apply they still get away with the award. So does that mean that it's good to have a bad site? No. Don't feel sorry for them and give them the undeserved credit instead give them tips so they can deserve the award. If every site that gave out awards gave people tips instead don't you think the Internet world of Sailor Moon would improve. I'm not saying don't give out awards give them to the sites that stand out with great info, etc, etc. And for site owners don't get pissed that you didn't get the award but instead you got a lot of tips to improve your site. I would love to get tips to improve my site instead of an award that I didn't deserve.

Another thing that I have noticed is that at bad sites people say "This site rocks" and then go to a good site and pick out all of your grammar errors. And then the bad site get tons of hits, ect. and the good site just sit there getting nothing.

My last part of this rant I promise. If you own a site don't through away tips. Take them read them and don't get mad at the person because they have gone out of their time looked over your entire site then wrote you on how to fix it. Tips are not Flames. You never know this person might want to help you make your site the best it can be. And maybe when you stumble on a not-so-great site you can help them. Wouldn't our Sailor Moon sites be better? Right now our Sailor Moon sites have gone into crisis mode to many of them are bad and the people that run them are stubborn sometimes. But as experienced webmasters we can help. Some of us have been building sites for over 3 years. I have been at it for a year but I have defiantly improved thanks to tips and the AQ site. I have always wanted to be on the best of the web & maybe it will happen.

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