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  Guest Article: May 1st, 1999

Inners VS. Outers

By: Kimiki

A lot of Inner-Senshi lovers ask the popular question 'Why does everyone place outer-senshi so high and superior?' I have a few answers to share:

First off, let's face it, the Inner Senshi are the four basic all-purpose characters: Mercury: the smart one. Not too pretty, shy, non-aggressive. Mars: The spiritual one. Pretty, mysterious, religious. Jupiter: The strong one. Boy-crazy, out-going, tomboy, with a hidden-ish feminine side. Venus: The Pretty one. Not-so-smart, totally boy-crazed, hyper. Even with such characters as Mercury and Venus, there seems to be barely anything but the un-original shell of a person. Character-orientated episodes usually reveal hidden aspects of a senshi's character- What makes them afraid, who broke their heart, what made them the way they are, or hidden aspects of their personality. But with these two, all you see is more of the same. We learn that Mercury is smart. We learn she's shy. We learn she's not competitive. WOW! With venus, all we ever seem to learn is about past crushes. Ooo, deep.

The Outer Senshi, by comparison, are characters that are not usually seen in North America: they're loved because they're something new. Not only are they much more powerfull, but they hold taboos that would never air in NA, like lesbianism, possesion, almost occultism even. Also things like Pluto, guardian of time, or Uranus the tomboy and nothing else, are rarely shown in NA cartoons. All the guardians of time don't seem to do much with it, and all the tomboys are really feminine inside (like Jupiter). Such characters as Saturn, so frail and quiet, yet possessing inside her the incredible power to destroy all of humanity, are also just too 'complex' for NA cartoon-makers to think of.

Even the relationships, like that of Neptune and Uranus, are funnier... you get to watch them tease each-other and get all jealous when someone makes a pass at the other, or the other makes a pass at someone else ^^. In NA, relationships are never fun. They're never secret. They're never interesting.

The Outer senshi, also, seem almost more human. It's well known that to make a character popular, you have to make a character that people can relate to. Somehow, the Outer Senshi just seem more human to me, and many other outer-senshi lovers. We can relate to Uranus' blind determination, Neptune's love of the arts, Saturns frailty and alienation, Pluto's secretive lonely life.

Another good reason could be that DiC hasn't butchered the outer senshi yet. A lot of people think of Mars as Raye, but think of Uranus as Haruka. They have to; they have nothing else to go by but the original Anime. (And I hope they never do, no matter what any SOS-supporter says.)

And that, my friends, is my theory on why the Outer senshi are so well loved ^^. Tadaaa!

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