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  Guest Article: August 26, 1999


By: Keiichi

Today I read a girl's Lemure file about the end of Sailormoon on the Web. She asked "How dare [some sailormoon webmasters]" take their pages down?, as if she were the military commander of the SM Web. I strongly disagree with this person, and I think she's not only wrong but also acting extremely selfishly. Here's why.

First of all, saying "how dare they?" was just wrong. So some webmasters have lost the passion they originally have for Sailormoon. All of a sudden they can't, just because she says so? I am one of these webmasters. I haven't taken down my page, I'm just gradually making it smaller and incorporating more anime titles in my domain. One of the first things I promised myself when I purchased this domain was that the day I realized I didn't like Sailormoon all that much anymore I would stop maintaining my site. Why? Because I've -seen- SM sites run by people who don't like SM anymore. They're horrible and bitter and you can tell that the person is forcing themselves to do it for some reason. Someone once said something to me I thought deserves being mentioned here; "The day I realize I'm buying an SM tape for my site and not for me is the day I know I'll take down my site."

Sites, my children, are created for the FUN of it. And the moment there's no more fun in it there's no more purpose in it. Do you think the webmaster should force him or herself to create original layouts and attractive and informative sites about something that they don't really like much anymore? Hell no. Because the site would dive into oblivion and become horrible and lousy.

Moving on... now this person suggests that perhaps these webmasters could delete their sites and restart with Dic. I personally will never do that, not only live in Brazil where there IS no Dic but also because why would I? I (and quite a few other webmasters) have all 200 japanese subtitled episodes on tape. If I decided to start again I'd take out the first subbed japanese tape, not some horrible piece of fish droppings butchered by some capitalist company (no I am not a communist :p).

Now the girl says she will keep her site up. Would she, if she didn't like SM anymore? Would she be one of these people who run bitter, horrible sites because they feel obligated to? Let me reveal some deep, dark secret to you all - no one is forcing you to do anything. Today I was faced with the end of Absolute Sailormoon, run by the magnificent Andrea Slate. She offered it to me but I turned it down because a) I could never live up to what she has created and b) I'm not that much into SM anymore. I still like it I just don't LOVE it. And I think one must LOVE something to actively maintain a site about it.

And now what really revolted me about this lemure... She says that webmasters who take down or diminish their sites are taking away the chance of new SM fans out there. God, they are NOT. Go to Anipike(.com). Check out the new links. See how many of them are marked "SMoon"? Old sites will go but new sites will come. That is what the internet is all about, I'm afraid.

I am in no way saying that you all should give up Sailormoon and take down your sites. No. I'm saying that if one day you realize you don't like SM as much as you used to, and your site is being a burden, then stop updating it or delete it. I hope that never happens to you, because it is a great anime, and made a permanent impact on me. But this girl has no right to accuse people who are not so interested in Sailormoon anymore of being heartless infidels.

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