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  Guest Article: July 25th, 2001

Earth & Sun Aren't Unique?

By: Sailor Kawaii/NekoCat

I've read on many sites that the senshi Sailor Sun and Sailor Earth aren't creative senshi. They always complain that the writer has just copied off of another person's fan fiction. But who was the first to create Sailor Sun and Sailor Earth?

Who knows? Just because you've read one or two (or more) bad Sailor Earth/Sun fan fictions doesn't mean that they are all bad. A fan fiction will be good if the story line is interesting, and the characters have unique personalities.

Sailor Sun usually wears yellow, orange, red...zzzzzzz...What about purple? Maybe Sailor Sun shouldn't be a blonde, or a redhead. Rei doesn't have red hair, and Makoto doesn't have green.

Greens and browns are the colors most commonly used for Sailor Earth. What if Sailor Earth was evil and wears black?

They're both still Sailor Sun and Earth, but by making them unique, they stand out a little more than other Suns and Earths. Below are examples of those types:

All 3 fan fictions at the Second Light web site are "over used" ideas. Sailor Earth, Sailor Sun, and a "Neo Sailor Moon" (Rise of a Lady). I've read all of the Sailor Sun and Rise of a Lady, and part of the Sailor Earth stories. Each of them were unique. I've actually re-read them!

Other "over used" ideas are Zodiac Senshi, and Neo Sailor Moon stories. The Sailor Moon Triology Series includes both, plus Sailor Moon Genesis. I haven't read them all, but it's good so far. Another example of Zodiac Senshi is Sailor Moon Orion's Story. It has a VERY unique plot.

Here are the URLs if you refuse to believe me: -- Sailor Orion's Refuge -- Sailor Moon Triology Series

Have YOU ever tried to write a completely original Earth/Sun/Zodiac/Neo Sailor Moon story? If you haven't, then you should zip your lip! I've tried writing a Sailor Earth story, Sailor Earth was Mamoru's sister from America. She has a cat. Some more boring things...

Another Sailor Earth is one that appeared during the time of Crystal Tokyo. She has a crush on King Endymion, but that was really it.

A Sailor Sun story--Err...I don't remember my first Sailor Sun too well...But the one I'm writing about now is at my web site ( I think she is much more interesting character.

As for a Zodiac story, I haven't written one, but I'm kind of writing a Neo Sailor Moon story (Amazoness Diaries).

Those are all examples of the usual, boring fan fictions (except for maybe Sun & Neo). If you have tried to write one too, then you know how hard it is to come up with something unique. If you want to write an Earth/Sun/Zodiac/Neo type story, make sure there is SOMETHING different about it.

So who says Sailor Earth and Sun aren't unique?

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