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  Guest Article: November 1st, 2000

Does It Really Matter?

By: KaiouSei

CWI and DiC have jointly butchered and shredded any value that lies in each moment of the English adaptation of Sailormoon; no one can argue that, but speaking from the perspective of a devout fan of the original with no access to the original episodes, don't you lot think that the dub will have to satisfy us?

Even through all the inconsistencies, which we can criticize, the unneeded cut-outs, the really irregular and cheesy dialogue editing, the heart of the story is still present.

I was angry when Uranus and Neptune became "cousins" versus "lovers" in the English dub. I was annoyed that Serena now has a voice that'll resound in my brain and give me a nasty headache. I'm angry that so many episodes were cut out, like the episode with the crucifixion of the soldiers (which was meshed with the previous episode to present one, uninteresting episode) and the episode where Usagi went to the night club (all the way back to first season, episode two.)

On the other hand, I live in an area that's really low on animé, making the amount of original, Japanese Sailormoon items rare. My only option is to watch S and SuperS on Cartoon Network, and although there are so many irritating items (like how Fish Eye is a woman, Zirconia is a man, Sailor Pluto had a terrible VA; the list could go on and on), I like watching the dub, because for me, it's better than watching nothing and until i can save up money to buy S, SuperS, and Stars from fansubbers, this will have to do. It's an overstatement to call me a complete anti-Dub fan, but on the other hand, I would much rather prefer to watch Usagi, Rei, Ami, Minako, Makoto than watch Serena, Raye, Amy, Mina, and Lita.

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