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  Guest Article: May 1st, 1999

Driving Fans To The Asylum

By: KaiouSei

DiC's English adaptation of "Sailormoon" is driving fans of the show insane. They started something and seemingly refuse to finish the task. DiC was intending to build up the North American popularity of "Sailor Moon". In the making, they have accomplished almost the exact opposite along with creating a headcase organization known as Save Our Sailors.

They hacked away at the art known as "Sailormoon", chopping off little bits here and pieces there and remodeling it to form an adaptation that is put in one simple word: "crap". They felt certain things were were "inappropriate" for little kids. In that previous statement, I feel DiC has triggered a number of problems bunched together.

What does DiC feel is "inappropriate"? That's a question I've been pondering ever since I was exposed to the more beautiful, original Japanese version of this show. If seven year old kids all throughout the nation of Japan can handle brief panty-shots and some minor risque shots, such as the changing of a diaper on a baby, why does DiC think that American kids can't? What's the difference between a child from one country and one from another. A big thing that would have me questioning DiC's authority is the conversion of the controversial relationship of Michiru and Haruka into a sisters' deal. They're planning to make the two sisters. Aren't they supposed to set a good example? How would the lesbian relationship between Michiru and Haruka be "inappropriate"?

What did DiC accomplish by making the music, names, and milestones of the show simplified or "bad"? The music was like a symphonic concert in the original and in the English version, it was like a hired, phony conductor patched together music that was written for infants. The names is a huge issue for me. What difference would it make is Sailor Moon's name was Tsukino Usagi? That doesn't translate to anything offensive, unless the viewer is a bunny who dislikes the moon.

DiC, the friend we all learned to love by now (yeah, right), started dubbing "Sailormoon" and lost interest in dubbing it. Didn't they figure it would be a hard task to replace ALL the Japanese voice tracks with English tracks? They should've speculated that the company would have to shove through 200 episodes and over 3 hours in specials and movies. DiC started something and didn't finish it, but I'm thinking that all of Sailormoon fans who are knowledgeable in both the Japanese and the American versions have had their prayers come true. DiC won't be able to torture us anymore, unless SOS continues their stupid "Sailormoon"-saving. If we could have a *good* subtitling company take the first episode of "Sailormoon" and finish it more successfully, without cuts or any edits whatsoever along with the movies, we may be blessed. Until then, we ought to pray.

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