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  Guest Article: February 1st, 1999

More Evil Brought By The SMWPR

By: KaiouSei

Our favorite all-time rankings system has brought our pages numbers of visitors and attention. It has also brought negative attention with it, too.

We've heard the stories about the numerous style-lacking web authors and authoresses who rank sites with intense and original creativity with a "1", the worst ranking yet.

But this number has changed as the greedy first place-hungering butchers of the Sailormoon web community have edited the original SMWPR HTML ranking snippet to make the number "6" the lowest. Basically what we have here is an ongoing community of idiotic monsters struggling to get to number one. People, the whole point of creating a ranking system is to vote the most stylistic and original page at the top and winding down from there.

Even talking with the authors/esses of these sites is a pretty strenuous task. They (no offense to none of you who cheat...) commit themselves into this false state of denial and whenever anyone tries to tell them what they're doing is wrong, they ignore and continue being stubborn, having an idea that basically reads "Cheating is alright to do." Is it?

There's more to a webpage than seeing if it gets to #1 on some rankings network. It's all about the love of the topic and your dedication to it. Everyone knows that the SMWPR has so many users because them (I'm guilty, too) use it to take in an onslaught of hits (even if the users give the site a low mark.) Instead of cheating with the HTML code, just post a notice, not polite, but one that gets the point that these people are pretty stupid to go and give other people low numbers just because the voters can't make half as good pages. But this is a bad generalization. It's probably like a 60-40 split. Anyways, doing something like this is basically like cheating on an exam or something. Would you want people emailing you (or "flaming" is better to use) calling you a cheater?

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