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  Guest Article: February 1st, 1999

Ode to Elitists

By: Jupe

I have been called an elitist and I have been ridiculed against. People who are elitists are not any higher than others, just more experienced. The so-called "elitists" put a lot of effort into their work and finish with a good product. Experience counts, you know. I am the same as anyone else out there, only a bit more educated in BSSM andin web design. Anyone can do anything as long as they try, but to most, this is their attitude:

This Ode is to you,
Whose pages are great
We wish we could do that
So t'is you we hate.

We compare you to others
And call you the best
We don't improve ourselves;
So we ignore the rest

Oh high are the people
Who make awesome pages
Mara, Amer, Jared, Skeeter: They are design mages

What a shame to us
The lowest of low
Whose webpages suck
Compared to the high row

Those whose good work
is known as the web's best
Are labelled "elitist"
And considered a pest.

Why must you ask?
Well let's have a reply.
Their pages set standards
For both you and I.

SO hail to the elitists
We'll never improve
There's no point to try,
Or to get in the groove.

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