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  Guest Article: November 25th, 1998

I'm only Human

By: Jupe

Being a webmistress is a lot of work, but being a webmistress who has around thirty (yes, I said THIRTY) webpages is a LOT of work. Keeping them all updated, looking good and with the times is more work than most people can handle, but I can do it. Slowly, but surely.

The thing that bothers me, is that people who visit my page find a broken link and complain about it. I don't need this. Chances are that I am in the midst of structuring, redoing or updating the page.

When I make a page, I try to make it visually appealing, fast loading and accurate with distribution of its information. Sometimes I cannot get it all done. Believe me. You probably don't know how frustrating and aggravating it is to receive mail from people just telling you where you screwed up. "Oh, the link here is missing, and that should be somewhere else." With a lot of people, I have seriously fought the urge to tell them, "Hey, look pal. I maintain more webpages than you have family members. How's about you take the page you have a problem with and do something better with it? I would LOVE to see your opinion of a better page."

Hard work is definitely put into my final product. I am sorry if I cannot please everybody who views my homepage. I do not post a page that I do not like, and I never post a page before I get CONSTRUCTIVE, as in, "I like this but this could be better" type of criticism. It is impossible to make everyone happy these days.

Not everyone is perfect in maintaining their webpages. Nobody seems to really mind or be bothered when a well-known webmaster has a broken link. Nobody seems to have a problem taking from less popular sites. "No one will notice, this site doesn't get visits"

Well, I care. I care when people take without credit. I care when people send me mass mail about broken links which I know are broken and will no longer be broken. I am sick of people sending me a zillion and a half letters about how my site isn't finished. I have thirty webpages. It takes time to update and maintain them all.

If you send me mail, think before you hit send. A mature letter with an active voice will recieve more attention than a letter which sounds like an eight-year-old wrote it. I know I makemistakes, but who doesn't? Afterall, I AM only human.

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