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  Guest Article: September 22, 1999

Sailornet: From An Innocent Perspective

By: Juniper

From an Outsider I am what many people in "Sailornet" call a newbie. I have been not particularly successful with the sites I have attempted to make. I would like to take the chance to remind all the people out there what Sailormoon is really about by giving an outsider's or newbie's view.

It all started when I began watching Pokemon. I had read an article in TIME magazine about how it was popular in Japan, and it was coming to America. Best of all, it was on public TV, not just cable, which I don't have. So I watched Pokemon. It was fun, it was happy, and it was on at 3:30 on weekdays, the time I arrived home from school. It was the perfect show to relax too, especially since the only other alternative was the ever-annoying Hysteria.

La la di da. So me and my friends watched Pokemon, and my other friends watched Sailor Moon. Yes it was the DiC version. Yes, we never thought there was much else to Sailormoon besides our dubbed version. It was a great show. It was fun, happy, and had a better plot than Pokemon. So I got into it. Now, I'm not sure how it happened, but we would start going on the internet hunting down Sailormoon sites. Why? We printed pictures out. And kept them in notebooks. We never disturbed anyone, flamed anyone. We were innocent.

Gradually, we realized that Sailormoon had two parts: anime and manga. And that there were other Sailor senshi. I immediately picked Sailorneptune, it was probably because of her hair, and also her colors, but now that I have read and seen more of here, I like her for who she is. Around this time, we decided to make a web site. He he. It was on chickpages, a pathetic free host that only gave you 5 mb. But oh well, it had our HTML Beginner's Editor, that was the only thing we knew how to use. We worked so hard on our site. Sure, our design wasn't great, our information was stolen, because we realized straight out we would never be able to tell it right. We poured our hearts into that site. We were so proud, we told all of our classmates to visit it or sign the guestbook. And they did. Our work on our site represented everything Sailormoon was about. We told it how it was.

Then we started surfing around more. I found on a whim, and found a link to Soldier of the Abyss, which I was so impressed by. That lead me to all of the other mature, sophisticated, nicely designed sites, that had lengthy articles about this and that, lots of stuff about stealing images, rants, and all of this. The more complex things I read, the more I thought and got into these sites, the farther the sites I saw got from Sailormoon. I am not saying that these sites are bad, in fact, just the contrary. I love them and feel they are neighbors and are sad to see them when they go. But they seem to stray away from what Sailormoon is really like.

Please, next time you see a slow-loading site crammed with huge images and banner ads, animated .gifs and more, think of how much the people put into it. This is not to say that all so-called crappy sites are like this, but a bunch. These people truly are putting into their sites everything they see sailormoon as, and they are truly conveying their love to Sailormoon. Back then, our site was our pride and joy; our baby. We put so much time and effort into it. Sailormoon is a magical world which I think many of us would like to be part of, and every one wants a little piece of the pie. I have always had a dream of the more advanced sailormoon webmasters/mistresses putting down their own site worries and helping some one with little HTML knowledge display their love for Sailormoon nicely. It is obvious that will probably never happen, but even just plain appreciating these little sites is nice. You can't image the feeling of just getting one guestbook entry from someone you don't know, or just getting 10 hits in a couple of days. Long live sailormoon, anime and all of our silly worries in our little world :-)

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