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  Guest Article: December 3rd, 2000

The Good, the Bad, and the Strange and Confusing

By: James Lawlor

I've had many questions about the new SailormoonS and SuperS dubs, the main one being "Why?"

When the S dub first started, I was very optimistic. After a few seconds, I noticed that Serena's voice had undergone a change. And after watching that episode, I realized that it was a really really bad one. Terri Hawke's made a few mistakes (such as "I am S-AAAAAAAAAA-LER MOOOOOOOOOOOOON" and that yodeling scream) but Terri Hawkes put emotion into the voice.... and it was stable too... But the new voice, is wavery, unstable, and alltogether werid. I really liked Amy's voice, accent and all, so I was unhappy at the change, but there were some instances (attacks, transformations, etc) where it really became odd. I didn't know that people could reach that high of a pich... Mina's voice was a little unnerving at times, but usually alright. When I first heard Amarah's voice I cringed. It sounds nothing like Haruka should... I really wondered how anyone could think that someone with that voice was a male who had already been through puberty... And Michelle's didn't fit Michiru, and it was already established as another voice in the series. Very unnerving. And Hotaru sounded like a very old woman, but she did get better. But, enough on the voices. That's not my main problem.

My main problems are consistancy and dialouge. The Senshi have gone through so many attack and transformation re-names that it's just horrible. I mean, I would expect Optimum Productions to record the audio once, and re-use it, but apparantly they don't. That's not a problem, except when they keep changing things. For example, with the new attacks, they alternate from something like "I am Sailor Jupiter! Jupiter Oak Evolution!" to "Jupiter Oak Evolution!" This just doesn't really make any sense to me.... why change it?

But the dialouge almost makes it unbearable. I can understand a few occasional things... People do say "cool!" in Japan, and it's in Sailormoon. But never once have I seen a subtitle say something like "Serena girl, you're trippin!" When they use dialouge like this it really dates things, and takes away from the authenticity of it... Am I the only one who has seen Brady Bunch reruns, and laughed because the dialouge was so out of date? Good....

I'm glad we got the new dubs, but I just wish that they would have gotten their act together, and tried to turn out a quality product, instead of a quick profit.

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