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  Guest Article: June 17th, 1999

Picture Imperfect

By: Jade

It's sad when you go into a webpage these days and see these graphics that the person has made and then go into another and see that they have been stolen from this person. There is nothing worse than seeing your own precious work being stolen and the one who stole it wanting credit.

"Can someone please tell me what's the deal with this?"

I love Sailormoon, ever though I've only seen the messed up DiC version. I think if they would stop tearing out the good parts it would be better. I spend hours and hours on end looking through webpages (good and bad) that have to deal with Sailormoon. It really, REALLY ticks me off to see pictures that I know for a fact are someones and then see it on someone elses page. Then they are wanting you to give them credit for something they know and I definetly know that is not theirs. Leaving the other person with a whole lot of time wasted. You're probably wondering why this bothers me SO much, well I'll tell you. I draw and I also write stories and I definetly would love to tear off the head of someone who dared took my artwork. People spend alot of time doing pictures and animations on their webpages (I know, it took me thirty minutes to do an animated .gif that simply bounces up and down) and it's sad that people are so immature enough to go onto the person's webpage, say "Hey, I want that picture." and take it without the person's permission. If it is one of those "free domain" or whatever you call it graphics then it's fine, but if it isn't all you have to do is ask! If they say no than oh well, find someone who has pictures you want that will say yes!

Then there is the thing with direct links. Stop doing that! When the person moves their site or renames the pictures what does that do? That's right. "Creates LOTS of broken picture links!" I hate seeing the little red X instead of a picture just because the person can't seem to get off his lazy behind and do some work and stop bumming off of someone elses pages! Direct links cause the other person's page to work slower therefore making people lose interest in their site and not coming back. Sometimes resulting in that person's page being taken down and the thief going to another person's pages and taking theirs. Soon everybody will get so tired of this all the good SM sites will take their webpages down leaving us with sites that would make the Amazoness Quartet's Worst Sailormoon Pages in a heartbeat.

If you're a person that steals from the most popular SM sites, one such as the Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway, you are the most STUPIDEST person that ever was born on the face of planet Earth! I don't get it! What makes you so sure that you're going to get away with it? I've seen Janelle's animated .gif (the one that says "Do NOT Take") not only on one, not two, but three other sites, maybe even more. Is it you don't understand english/ingles/eigo? What part of Do NOT Take do you do not understand?! People are so sad, it's disgusting. Well, hopefully I won't ever have to worry about people stealing my artwork from my story/cartoon. But if I ever did run across someone who stole my artwork I have some words of wisdom to you.

"Prepared to be sued."

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