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  Guest Article: February 10th, 1999

Ode to Saban's Sailormoon

By: Sailor Antares

Sing to the tune of the "Barney Opening Theme Song"

There is a stupid TV show that uses animation,
And live-action with ugly girls who give me pure frustration.

This Sailor Moon by Saban I saw could only be called a nightmare,
And we thought Dic had slopped up the Japanese one without repair.

A bunch of planets fill the screen and there goes a real fake comet,
Those girls dance and dress so bad that I think I have to vomit.

So this is Saban's way to make our beloved show more PC?
Tell me is it me or does this clip smell like fresh dog feces?

They wear hats and talk to a cat with a shaggy long hair.
A blonde, an asian, a black, and some girl in a lousy wheelchair.

You can view the trailer to the Saban version of Sailormoon at:

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