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  Guest Article: March 15, 2000

A Question of Tolerance - An Average Visitor Wonders...

By: Huntress

I have been quite sad when I heard that the RPG Busters and Small Lady were closing down. Being a regular visitor to their sites, I will miss them a lot. The humorous way Professor Tomoe posted his updates on the main page, the funny quarrel of Small Lady with Evil Hotaru, all these things have been dear to me and I enjoyed them a lot.

Of course I also visit the other review pages on our list just because I love reading reviews and rants and some reviewers do have insights in the community that are very fascinating to an average visitor like me. In order to find more review pages I also check the link lists of the review sites regularly. That's the way I found Night Dragon Reviews on the link list of the Witches 4.

Their layout did not look that elegant like some other review pages and I am not interested in RPGs that much, so I did not post a link to them on our page and I did not stay there for a long time. This changed after I had read Small Lady's farewell message. The Night Dragon Reviews have messed with the heart-crystal thing that was meant to be a feature of hers and the RPG Busters only. I went to the Night Dragon Reviews, but I found nothing there, they must have taken it down. That's why I cannot tell how they have messed with the heart crystal and what they said about the heart crystal that made a friendly and calm person like Small Lady being mad at them like this.

What Small Lady said about Professor Tomoe's email posted at the Night Dragon Reviews forum made me curious so I went there again and searched for his post. I finally found it and was even more confused by reading it.

Professor Tomoe didn't want to accuse the Night Dragons of being responsible for the closing down of the Death Busters - not in public, that's why he did not mention the Night Dragons in his official farewell message. What was posted at the Night Dragon's forum was Professor Tomoe's personal mail to Zoisite. It was not a guestbook entry and not a comment for the forum. It is not okay to post someone's email without his permission on a public place. I don't know if Zoisite has asked Tomoe before he posted it but I hope so. Otherwise it would just prove that The Night Dragons lack of politeness no matter how kind their words are.

But nevertheless, the words in Professor Tomoe's mail had a very bitter taste. The Night Dragon Reviews and only the Night Dragon Reviews were responsible for the death of the RPG Busters' page. How could this happen?

The Night Dragons do review RPGs just like the RPG Busters did but they do it differently, further they do review other kind of Sailormoon pages too, and if there is a place for more than ten active review groups for Sailormoon websites, there also should be a place for two Sailormoon RPG reviewing groups. Due to Small Lady's farewell message, it seems that the RPG Busters (and many of their fans) feel that the Night Dragons have been ripping off the RPG Busters. (By the way, I wonder who ever came up with the general idea of reviewing internet pages at all, these people must really feel like their being ripped off by all the other reviewing groups that have popped up since then…)

That made me thinking just how "original" can a SM review page be nowadays? Looking at the list of dead WPRs (we are grateful that The Worst Sailormoon Pages Ever are hosting and maintaining the Death Buster's WPR - list) many ideas for WPRs have already been used and although these groups are no longer active, if a new team would call themselves The Fifth Witch or River Senshi, they would receive flames accusing them of ripping off the original review pages. It is pretty hard to find SM characters that have not already been used for a SM review page. All the senshi are used more than one time, all three cats, Small Lady, Serenity and Usagi have also been used, the villains in various mixtures have been used more than once too so who is left? I cannot recall having seen a Zirconia, Tiger Eye or Hawks Eye anywhere, some of the manga only villains may also still be available but there is no guarantee.

Many people think that there are already too many Sailormoon review pages out there in the net, but we disagree. There are so many SM related pages out there, so many webmasters that would like to have guidance, help, support and constructive criticism, that any good review page will have lots of submissions right after their start. Reviews are the best way of getting useful feedback and advertising at the same time, awards don't serve this purpose that well.

What I want to say is that I have no idea why there is so much hostility between Small Lady, the RPG Busters and the Night Dragon Reviews. Being just an average visitor, it is really hard to tell, nothing posted at the farewell pages or at the Night Dragon Reviews forum does actually inform the visitor what has been going on there, how it started and how it could escalate that way…

Since I cannot tell, I am not going to take anybody's side, I have not enough information to do so. What made me write this article is what happened after the milk was already spoiled. The way some fans on both sides show their support for their favorite pages. At first the comments at the Night Dragon Reviews forum sometimes don't sound very mature, there are a lot of short remarks, supporting the Night Dragons, flaming the Busters without giving reasons just to show the Night Dragons that they are on their site.

Since the last entry to this forum topic has been at the beginning of February, it seems that the Night Dragon fans are no longer interested in writing comments to the Death Busters closing, that's just fine. But thinking that this "battle" is now over, the Death Busters and Small Lady are gone and the Night Dragons won, but now other people have started some actions against the Night Dragons, that show about the same grade of maturity as some childish, silly comments in the forum. One oh-so-clever fan has an email address that looks like it might be one of the Night Dragons and signed the guestbooks of other review sites with a silly entry like "Our reviews are better than yours". The aim of this stupid person is clear, he wanted to make other reviewers mad at the Night Dragons and some reviewers were really fooled to believe that it was Zoisite of the Night Dragons who wrote that comment and they added some angry remarks to this silly guestbook entry. I don't know if they contacted the Night Dragons but it seems so because Zoisite wrote something about that fake guestbook entry in the news.

This was not the end of it, other stupid people started to look for a new target and they found it - The Witches 4. This review page did nothing but add a link to the Night Dragons, they did not support them in any other way than just making their existence known because the Night Dragons (no matter how good or how bad they are) are an active review group who are still updating their stuff. But it seems that some rude visitors have flamed the Witches 4 just because they were linking the Night Dragons.

Watching this entire thing going on in the Sailormoon community made me really sad. Love and justice, the main points of Sailormoon's speech, they seem to have no meaning for some people and still they call themselves Sailormoon fans.

This is meant for these stupid people out there. In case your are fans of the Death Busters or The Small Lady, you are doing them no good with your "revenge". Please stop showing your support this hostile way. It is useless because it will not bring the Death Busters or The Small Lady back.

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