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  Guest Article: November 17, 2001

Web Page Reviewers

By: Haruka

Can you say internet traffic? People are clogging up the web with their WPRs. This is a new wave of WPRs, WPRs that are owned and operated by the same people.

People are constantly quitting WPRs every week. Why? Because they have to tend to their OWN WPR. Why? Because working in FIVE WPRs is just too much for them. It's ridiculous.

These people obviously think that web page reviewing is a game. You know what? It isn't. I run a WPR, Serenity Reviews, and I used to work for the famous SSR (sailor senshi reviews) as Haruka. I thought that it was so stupid to be working in 2 WPRs, that I dropped out of SSR. Now, people are boldly admitting that they own AND work in about five WPRs, and they are all sister sites with each other.

I don't want to put specific sites here, but they keep dropping reviewers, and picking up new ones that work at other sites. Need I say it again? WEB PAGE REVIEWING IS NOT A GAME. Work at one WPR. You want to be the web page designer? Take turns. Don't open your own WPR. Not getting enough reviews? Don't join 20 other WPRs, work on your advertising campaign.

I don't have any problem with competition when it comes to new WPRs, but what really ticks me off is that they are all the same people. They are playing around with web page reviewing, which is not supposed to be the goal. They say that they WANT to help you on your page. No. They want attention on the web. They're crying for it. Why else would they be working in 5 WPRs?? It's ridiculous. It shows insecurity. Work in one site, or own one site.

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