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  Guest Article: January 24th, 2001

Too Many Repetious Fics

By: Millennium Guard

Lately it is my belief that the content of the fanfiction out there has drastically changed for the worst. Everything in my opinion has basically gone down. There are so many authors out there who are writing new stories that are basically a repeat of old ones. And if I have to hear another story begin with Serena waking up and saying Why didn't anyone wake me up, I think I'll scream and pull my hair out. Nowadays you can really separate the greats from the amateurs. For one, when one of the greats updates, you fall down on yours knees and say it's about time. You find yourself lucky to hear updates from them at all, as they are more than likely few and far in between. I think that's because they realize that great stories don't come out over night. Some people have that gift, but let me make sure it is known that VERY FEW HAVE IT. But as I said before, they take their time to spin and weave stories into intricate designs that just keep the reader satisfied and yet empty. It's a weird combination and very hard to pull off, but in the end, the reader likes the story very much and will be begging for more.

As for your hentai… do I have stuff to say about that! I am so tired of stories in which people attempt to make a plot when they know good and well that they just wanted to write a story about sex. They try to hide their true motives so that they appear as good writers who have a goal in their mind for a fic, but if you really look at it, there is no story, just sex.

One thing that really ticks me off though, is seeing stories in which people dictate to me what is going on as if I'm a child. They may start the story by saying Princess Serenity is a girl with pretty hair and nice blue eyes. She has a pretty white dress on with gold trimmings. Oh, and while I'm on the topic of that dress, can we can it already! I hate that dress! Why must everyone use it in his or her flipping story? Can't we be a little more creative than that? But back to the dictation thing, really people, can we write just a tad bit better? I understand that some of us are younger than others, but there is a such thing as an editor you know. Not to be rude or to put someone down who is starting a new, cause I started off with a lousy start, lord knows why people even read it. But I recognize that it was lousy, and now I'm trying to help you open your eyes. Whenever I look back at my old stuff, I shutter to think that I wrote it and was actually proud at the time…unbelievable. Nowadays, I'm going back a reediting all my works. Even though I believe my writing has greatly improved since then, I'm still looking to improve and am always seeking expert advice. Which is something we should all do. Don't get egotistical just because you get a few emails, there are a lot of people in the world, what it a few emails out of millions of people?

Anyways, I'm pretty sure I'm leaving out a lot of stuff as far as my opinion goes, but that's where my basic pet peeves lie.

PS. If I hear another story about Darien being an arrogant bastard with a hard who's heart is melted by Princess Serenity within two seconds…I'll just leave it to your imagination as to what I will do.

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