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  Guest Article: May 20th, 1999

SM Toolbox: the Excuse for Newbies

By: Gretchie

I was a newbie once... you know the loud and annoying midi, the stolen images, the ripped off ideas, yah... we all remember... and would like to forget... the what I like to call "ugly years." Yes, my 1st webpage was horrible, on AOL, loaded with .art images that I stole from various places... but one thing I never did. Steal source codes.

Now, I have my own domain ( which I share with my good friend puu. We're now prone to rip offs. I know that, and she knows that. It's happened before with OM... a few images stolen, you know nothing major. Then I get a bone headed e-mail today saying Hey! can you link my new Haruka shrine? So I look at the link provided and notice that that layout looks one HELL of a lot like what most of OM looks like. ( The white table over the background. It's not hard to do so I ignore it. Then I notice that the colors exactly match the scheme I use on MY webpage. I look at the source... and sure enough... it's my source. A little angry, I check out the rest of this person's site and come across the image gallery. Wow! I wonder where he got most of these images from... could it be MY PAGE *gasp* Outraged... I e-mail him asking for credit... and to change his webpage to get rid of my html that I worked hard on. He said, "I didn't steal your source, the SM TOOLBOX had it" When in fact the SM toolbox doesn't teach white table over bgs.

I chuckled a little at this guy's response, and thought WHY do all newbies USE the SM TOOLBOX as an excuse to steal? I'm not downing apatt's page at all, but all newbies think that because the smtoolbox is used as a HELP Resource... not as an excuse for making your whole webpage like many think. I sometimes wonder if some newbies think, hey I mentioned the SM toolbox... now they'll believe me! I have one thing to say to that... PEOPLE... WE'RE NOT STUPID! We can tell!

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