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  Guest Article: August 1st, 2000

My Opinion of the Dub

By: Sailor_Gee

This article was sent in on: July 2, 2000

Ah, the Sailormoon dub. The infamous dub. The one shunned by all. The version hated the most. And when reading many of the Lemures here, I realized there had been lots of them on the dub-either good or bad.

And this is mine.

It all started when I came home from school, and I sat down to watch some TV. I was flipping channels when Sailor Moon came on. Now this was a dub episode, doinky to some of you, stupid, boring, whatever to you purists. But, like all new dubbies, I was fascinated, and began watching it every day. Sure, the voices were valleygirls, the songs were infantine, etc., etc., but I loved watching the exploits of Serena and Darien with the Sailor Scouts, boldly fighting to rid the world of the evil Negaverse.

And then, I surfed on the Internet for some SM sites and I found Doi's page. I clicked on the link, and began reading what Mr. Doi had to say. At first I was puzzled by the Japanese names-"Tsukino Usagi? I thought it was Serena!"-but soon I accepted them. After that, I began reading the manga, and I thought it was very good since it was the original story. But that dear old dub episode had to turn it around.

So this is my opinion. Personally, I think the dub is OK, although not as good as the manga. I loved the manga. I liked the dub. And think about it. That dub introduced many of you to Sailor Moon. And now you bash it. There are DIRE groups, anti dub groups everywhere. And they were probably introduced to Sailor Moon by the dub.

So please, before you attack, think back when you liked the dub.

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