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  Guest Article: January 29th, 2002

Poor Artemis

By: Metal Garurumon/Dragonball#5

I'm not a webmaster. I'm not really that interactive in the sailor moon community. But I do like Sailor Moon. For some reason, my favorite character was, is, and will be Artemis, the white moon cat. Don't ask why. I just really like him. He's so cute and funny, but can also be dead serious.

However, I find he gets very little respect. It seems to be my curse to pick out favorite characters in anime who tend to get the short end of the stick, whether it's Yamcha on DBZ,Zechs on GW, or Arty on Sailor Moon.

It's seriously a bad sign when one of the most hated, disrespected, infamous Sailor Moon fanfics on the 'net, is "Artemis' Lover".

I've read it myself. It's crap. And it just goes to show how little respect poor Arty is given. Now, I'm not saying Artemis deserves the spotlight all the time, just here and there, and if not at all, then that doesn't mean he should just be dropped into the background. Remember, these are my opinions, and you don't have to agree to them. In honesty, I think a lot of people don't really recognize the moments when Artemis becomes key to the story.

A fine example would be in "Sailor Moon Returns", the first episode of the Sailor Moon R anime. Although Artemis doesn't save the day, he does give Luna enough time to trigger Serena's(Usagi to all you japanese fans) memories of her times as Sailor Moon. This is a style of moment that should occur more often. Artemis plays his role (advisor) without becoming the episode's(or fanfiction's) hero. Thus, writers and fans don't forget about his existence, because, let's face it, he has a lot of personality that goes generally unrecognized because of his lack of time exposed. I've found one, ONE, lousy Artemis shrine on the entire internet, and it has three very small sections. This is a sign that those who do like Artemis either don't have time to or don't really bother to work on things about him. Perhaps I'm alone in saying this, but Artemis deserves better! Arty needs resspect from others, too, but I can't and won't force others to respect him. I just wish they did. You can be expecting to hear more from me soon, but responses, positive or negative, would be appreciated until then.

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