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  Guest Article: September 22, 1999

No One is Really Evil

By: SuperSailorGalaxy

Well, controversy surrounds the SailorMoon community: Gorilla Purists vs. The DiC worshipers. Who will win? I'll tell you who’ll win. As corny as this may sound, we all will win. What do we have in common?

  1. We like SailorMoon.
  2. Some of us have websites.
  3. Did I mention we like SailorMoon?
That is the good stuff. Now for the bad stuff:
  1. We have differing opinions on what is "good".
  2. Flames are constant between the groups.
  3. The battle lines are drawn and nobody is moving. (Trench warfare. World War I. Very bad.)

Okay. So some of it may equal out. But I don't see why people complain about the DiC dub. Yes, they did cut an episode and made 2 into 1. Sounds like the Spice Girls song. *shudder* Purists make a big deal about it, where I find nothing wrong. Remember, the show was designed for GIRLS, between the AGES OF 9-12. Do you honestly think a 9-year-old likes Jazz? You have to remember that the censors also have to approve the show for us. Mistake #1: The government takes control and butchers it. Go cry to mommy. Nothing is going to change (especially when it involves the government.)

The DiC Worshippers (myself included) have some understanding about the actual Japanese show. But we still go back to the show we first started to watch, when it came on USA and/or Cartoon Network. I don't know about the other dub lovers, but since the "lost" 17 episodes came on, I have lost some interest in SailorMoon. Unlike DragonBall Z, which has new episodes coming in a short time, we have SailorMoon and SailorMoon R to watch. We have to wait for SailorMoon S, which will come around 2020 (when or if people agree on what to do.) So we dub lovers either go buy fansubs or fandubs. Or we can wait for SailorMoon S to appear on American shores. Knowing some people, we are impatient and I doubt we can last much longer.

What can we do in order to see SailorMoon S? Well, duh. Either buy fansubs or fandubs. Spend some of your hard(?) earned(?) money. Dubs and subs range in cost. The Purists and Gorilla Purists already know this.

Okay, why are Purists and Gorilla Purists evil? Well, they are not evil. People have differing opinions on items. Some say people take stuff too far; you can never take anything too far. I say Purists and Gorilla Purists have more pressure than we do. Some people expect Purists and Gorilla Purists to know the seasons inside and out. *puts on "Pressure" By Queen and David Bowie* I feel sorry for the Purists and Gorilla Purists, people expect too much from them.

In closing, there is no war between DiC Dub Lovers, Purists, and Gorilla Purists. It is just a misunderstanding. Why can't we get along?

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