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  Guest Article: October 1st, 2000

Masquerade without the Moon

By: Fishy

Cosplay - what is it?

Well, it's short for "Costume Play", where people dress up as anime characters. They can spend tons of money on a pre-made costume, or sit around for hours, making their own. Either way, it's a fun thing to do, especially when you're going to an anime convention, where the costume masquerade is one of the highlights. Plus, it's always fun having people ask to take a picture of you.

Now, what does this have to do with Sailor Moon?

Lots and lots of people dress up as Sailor senshi. I don't really see why not- 'Sailor Moon' is a pretty popular anime series, and the fuku are fairly easy to make. And since almost everyone knows who/what Sailor Moon looks like, you're easily recognized.

However, Katsucon, a pretty big anime convention located in Virgina, has "retired" a few series, including Sailor Moon, from the masquerade and the skits. What that means is, if you're wearing a Sailor Moon costume, you're not getting judged. You can't go up on stage and perform a little skit. No matter how good your costume is, or how much work you spent on it, you can't participate in the masquerade.

Now, many people have said that this was an unfair rule, and I myself agree. Although at least one of each Sailor Senshi are seen at basically every anime convention, they aren't only characters in the series. There are enemies, some with complicated outfits and hair. I haven't once seen the Amazon Trio or Quartet at a convention yet, nor have I seen any Death Busters. Also, this rule is preventing some very very good Sailor Moon skits from going up on stage...

But there is some sense to the rule... Sailor Senshi fuku are pretty similar to each other. Basically, there's a suit, a skirt, tiara, two bows, and shoes. If there were a very good Sailor Jupiter and a very good Sailor Mercury costume competing, wouldn't it be kinda hard for the jugdes to choose between the two? And with more and more people participating at convention masquerades, they either have a choice of first come first serve pre-registration, like how they did at Otakon, or to completely ban a series from the masquerade.

Personally, this rule doesn't affect me much, since I'm still a beginner cosplayer, and I don't compete. But even so, with Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, DBZ, and more costumes being "retired," who knows what Katsucon, or other conventions, will "retire" next?

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