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  Guest Article: January 24th, 2001

SOS Report

By: Ethelene Stallings

Note: This uses heavy sarcasm

If you have ever visited a dub-based page you might have seen this huge image that says SOS. The SOS (Save Our Sailors) is devoted to bringing more Sailormoon to America

They seem like a great place right? Just ignore the fact that some of the stuff makes no sense or has nothing to do with SM or the loud midi with no player, and it's a great page.I mean look at the design! A whole bunch of pictures and gifs with a bright background. It's so beautiful I could cry. They are so informative! They update about every 2 months. They let us know that Dic was producing the new dubs. They told us the truth about Uranus and Neptune. They must be right about "Prince Uranus" I mean it's SOS! Who cares if the creator, Naoko Takeuchi said they were lesbians? SOS is always right!

They are so great. I mean, just look at their scorecard. They were the ones responsible for getting the last 17 episodes of R chopped up and brought to America! Because of their famous Pop-Tart "procott"(considering Pop-tarts and SM are even remotley related), Sailor Moon started getting shown again! Heck, they were probably the ones that got S and SuperS brought here so the companies could make Haruka and Michiru cousins! We should get down on our knees and worship them!

But wait....After all their hard work they said they don't know if they want Stars dubbed! What's up with that? They said that "the current state of the new dub has left them wondering about Stars." It's made me wonder too! Especially since SOS doesn't like the fact that they changed the Dic music to the original Japanese. Shame on them. Taking away the beautiful Dic music!

SOS Now and Forever

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