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  Guest Article: August 1st, 2000


By: Ethelene Stallings

This article was sent in on: July 14, 2000

First of all beofre you decide to flame me, let me state that I watch the dub and I'm not trying to complain. I'm just pointing somethings out okie?

As everyone should know Sailor Moon S is being shown. It was dubbed by Cloverway, which says "It represents the best in Japanese animation." But there are some inconsistencies with the dubbing of the episodes.

1.Amara and Michelle are cousins
I wish this wouldn't have happened but I'm okay wih it. The only problem I have with this is that if they are going to make them cousins be consistent. If I didn't know they wer originally lesbains I would wonder. Escepcially scenes where Michelle takes Amara's hands. (Episode=Destiny's Arrival)Cousins don't really act like that. And when Michelle gts flowers, Amara acts jealous. Why would she be? I also don't like how they are making Michelle overly heterosexual. Like when she receives flowers Amara mentions an ex-boyfriend. There was no need for that.

2.Attack names and transformations names.
For the love of the moon, please keep it the same. Amara and Michelle switch back in forth between "Star Power" and "Planet Power". They're attacks sometimes have the planet names in front, sometimes they dont. Jupiter gets a new attack everyday.(Sparkling Wide Pressure, Jupiter Thunder Power, Jupiter Thunderclap Zap.) Mars Celesital Fire Surround sometimes has the celestial, sometimes not. Venus uses Venus Crystal Power one day. She also uses "Venus Love Chain Harness".

3. Overall mistakes
Amara and Michelle are VERY rude to the scouts here. They call Serena "Moonface" and call them dweebs and the peanut gallery. This never happened in the original. Characters have been totally changed. They make Raye seem interested in Darien in some episodes and one day even Amy seems to be checking him out. They keep Japanese names of the charcters on some things and keep Japanese kana on letters, books, etc.

4.Stupid Names
Okay if the messiah is going to be the "Ambassador of Good" please call it that everyday. Don't say it one day then call the messiah a "princess." The Bureau of Bad Behavior? (No comment.) It seems Cloverway is trying to make SM into a government. (Ambassador, Bureau, Soverign?")

In conclusion this dub is WAY better than Dic but they need to keep things consistent.

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