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  Guest Article: July 7th, 2002

False Premises

By: Emelyn Woodbury

This is going to be interesting. I am responding to somebody else's response to an article. Be that as it may, there are a few little comments that need to be addressed.

For the record, I hate Sailor Sun, Sailor Earth, and so forth. Without exception, every story I've ever read involving these characters has been mediocre or derivative. They're usually the all-powerful ones who can solve anyone's problem with a wave of their hand. I actually read a story where the person made her character Sailor Earth and Sailor Universe all in one! (Fortunately it was a tandem story and I managed to kill her "universe" part. The Sympathetic Law of Magic and the theory of the Big Bang/ Big Crunch work surprisingly well together.)

Azurite posted a response to Athena's article. Azurite quotes her as saying that, "Sailor Senshi come from planets, asteroids or moons. Not some gem, emotion or prefix." Azurite then tries to refute this by saying that Kakyuu does not have a planet, or the Starlights, or LeadCrow and so forth, or Galaxia, or ChibiChibi, or Cosmos.

Athena's quote does seem a little limited, as Sailor Galaxia and Sailor Cosmos are in not what she stated. However, they are astronomical/ astrological ideas or objects, and thus havesome justification. The planet Princess Kakyuu comes from is actually called Kinmokusei and, if you look at Princess Kakyuu's speech when she introduces herself, there seem to be several kingdoms and orders implicated. (Starlight Pops at has a site on the character. Look it up there.) Perhaps there is a Sailor Kinmoku or Kinmokuseihigher up in the command list. Heck, Princess Kakyuu does have a planet she hails from, and nowhere is it stated that Soldiers to have the same name as their patron object. The Starlights might have had their own planets. In the anime, Leadcrow and the others were soldiers of planets, apparently, before Galaxia enslaved them. In the manga, they had stolen Sailor crystals from the original Sailors such as Sailor Coronis and so forth, who did have planets. After all, Luna and Artemis said they were from the same PLANET as Sailor Mau. Presumably Chi, Phi, Lethe, Mnemosyne and so forth are senshi by the same method of taking starseeds. ChibiChibi in the anime was the..soul? of a Sailor Soldier and therefore could take perhaps a senshi form, but even as Sailor ChibiChibi, she had no attacks. She can barely be counted as a Sailor Soldier at all, and only by virtue of being part of Sailor Galaxia. Sailor Cosmos embodies the universe, but that is still, as I said, astronomical/astrological.

The point that the planets were named after gods is valid but has no relevance to the subject of making up new senshi. According to the logic Naoko set up, all senshi still have to take power from something or someone concrete and astronomical/astrological. Therefore Sailor Flame or Sailor Rainbow or Sailor Chibi Pearl are NOT reasonable.

Azurite states that, "Besides, if we did stick to the rule of "asteroids, planets and moons" then authors would run out of ideas." Only the bad or unoriginal authors would not have anything to write about. There are still so many ideas free using Sailor Moon or Sailormoon canon characters! The Outer Senshi weren't shown in the future. Were they dead? Exiled? Did they take up their old posts again, and how would they react to that isolation after their experiences and camaraderie on Earth? Sailor Saturn stopped trying to destroy the world. Is that temporary? Permanent? A trick? Do the Sailor Senshi always owe their loyalty to their princess or queen, even if the royalty's corrupt? I have two fics planned, using nothing but established characters. (Well, mostly...the only exception is a reinterpretation of Queen Serenity, but there will be no otaku senshi.) In the anime, what did ChibiChibi do after SailorStars? What did she become?

Other than that, I really have no issue with Athena's or Azurite's ideas. Both have valid points and objections to each other. Figure out what works or not yourself. Be original, but remember: it is fanfiction, a story set up in someone else's universe and logic. If you're going to write in their world, remember what they've done with it, and play by their rules. In this case, ideas in the Sailormoon/ Sailor Moon universe need to fit the established continuity and logic. Succeeding in that is the real artform and the best kind of story to read.

One more thing: another article on the subject of fanfiction dicussed villians. December of 2001, Tatl posted an opinion. (Yeah, that was far back. I was too lazy to write something then, but I might as well throw it in now.) The way I see it, villians usually have varied motivations. They can be clinically insane. They can be out for revenge. They can be impressing or protecting someone. But Tatl claimed that:

"Bad guys dont just WANT to kill unless they were brought up that way. But sometimes, people make them want to kill for the dumbest reason. Like someone teased them too much or avoided them because of their looks or likes. Ok, that is pretty mean but you're not going to go KILL someone for that!"

Ah, but they might. Columbine should be proof enough of that. Anyone could snap given the provocation. Someone is teased enough, their people are persecuted has happened.

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