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  Guest Article: August 6, 1999

Where the Fans Are

By: Elora

Now, those who know me know that I don't usually rant, but this is an issue that I feel very strongly about, especially since I am faced with this question all the time.. what is happening to the Sailor Moon Community? Why are sites closing down? Why, why, why?

There are many who will say Sailormoon is dying on the Internet. In my opinion, it *is* dying down, but not dying completely! I mean, look at all the new sites that have been springing up! Go to any link list and peer at the new and old pages that haven't been discovered yet! The speculations about SM coming to an end on the Internet are created by the fact that some sites, in fact most of them, that have been hailed as the most popular and best are closing down because the owners have lost interest in SM. Everyone from Hitoshi (inactive) and Starfox (down for a while), to Rowena and Apatt is moving on to other things. And that's *fine* Heck, I bowed out of the Gargoyles fan scene a long time ago, although I keep in touch with alot of my old friends there, since I was one of the "originals". But to get back on track, people change, times change, and so do the dynamics of the SM community.

Those that are saying the Community is dead doesn't talk to newbies *at all*! I mean, try telling the bunches of people who e-mail me to discuss the wonderfulness of Chibi Usa, or those who request fansubs from me, that SM is dead. Try telling it to the over 10,000 members of the grep Sailor Moon Image Library! If the show is so "dead", then why are all these people still fans?

What prompted me to write this? Simon Chong's piece on this very issue. His argument is that the people who love Sailormoon grew up. I beg to differ. I fell in love with the show first when I was 18. I'm 21 now. Yes, I do still love the show, even though I can now claim to have seen every episode except one, and read most of the manga. Schoolwork is cited as a reason as well, and I sympathize. However, I am currently going into my fourth year of college, and yet I'm working part-time *and* keeping up my webpage! If you love a show and/or a page enough, you'll work on it no matter what, in my opinion, so if your will is strong enough, you can keep chugging along.

One of the things mentioned that sort of offended me is the fact that it is considered that personal taste evolves with age. Ha! Not with me! :D If being mature means losing your sense of wonder and enjoyment, I'll stay "immature", thank you very much.. although I myself believe that true maturity is attained when you can be childish, but not immature. ^_^ And if you think Sailormoon is all sugar and spice and everything nice.. why did DiC have to censor any bit of the first two seasons? And what about the final battles of S, SuperS, and SailorStars? Do you discount that? Do you forget all the subtle chuckles in the show, and things that "kids" wouldn't understand? Sailormoon is a show for everyone of *all* ages. Heck, I got my Mom into it! (And if that isn't scary...) The youngest fan I know is 2, the oldest in their fifties. If that isn't indicative of Sailormoon's power, I don't know what is.

As for Sailormoon lasting forever.. I think that is conceivable! I mean, look at the Internet, search for a favorite childhood show or two! Based on this, there's *tons* of hardcore fans who will keep the Sailormoon torch burning brightly. You may say, aw, she's only seen Sailormoon, and no other anime. Not so, I also enjoy Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Oniisama E, and Rose of Versailles very much, but they haven't displaced Sailormoon as my absolute, hands-down favorite. Why? It has action, adventure, comedy, romance.. everything you could ever want in a series. Perhaps it's the fact that all girls dream of finding their Prince (er.. most.. ^_^), or because I adore Princesses and Kingdoms of the past, and girls with magical powers. Or maybe I'm just insane. (Wait.. that's already a given! ^_-) However, I will most likely always be one of those crazy people running around sporting odango on occasion, or dangling keychains from my backpacks and purses, or crying out ecstatically at seeing a French Sailormoon manga for the first time (and bringing my friend's landlord down in a hurry ^_^;).

People's tastes do change. Most of the people with ultra-popular sites have been fans since the show started over 7 years ago. That's a long time to be a fan, and have an avid interest! So, give the old webmasters their hurrahs and well-deserved laurels. There will continue to be Sailormoon on the Web as long as new fans keep coming in to preserve the ways of the Moon.

And boy, was that last line corny. Must be watching too much Sailormoon.. again! ^_^

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