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  Guest Article: December 3rd, 2000

Yap, yap, yap...

By: Elfi

Are you one of those people who are sick of people complaining about the Dubbed Sailor Moon? Do you not mind the dubbed version? Do you like the dubbed version better then the original? (like me) Well sister, (just couldn't help myself! ^^; sorry to all you male readers!) I feel your pain.

To get some things strait I'm really sick of people using the term "purists" for themselves to describe original anime Sailor Moon fans. First off, "purist" would mean the person is only for the true version, in other words pure version, of whatever the object may be. The original isn't even the true version! It's a copy (and a very bad copy indeed) of the manga. Second, a person calling himself or herself a "purist" makes it seem like they are superior to others. Especially those following the dub. Third, if you're living in America and you're calling yourself a "purist" you better thank your lucky stars you aren't living in the revolution time. But who would really want to call themselves a purist after learning American history? I guess you could call me a "purist" since I go by the true Sailor Moon version but I wont get into that.

Now please "purists", pay attention! Were going to take a closer look at the dub.

1. Horrible voices
Okay, I'll admit it. The voices picked aren't great at all. Sometimes they company strikes gold and finds some good ones. (Rini's second VA and Mina's first) I find Michiru's dubbed voice extremely good despite the fact it sounds a lot like Haruka's. I also find the Japanese voice actors terrible. (I am not one for high pitched squeaky voices)

2. Background Music
Some of you fans are just jumping for joy over the fact that the dub now sports original music. But you must admit the dub music wasn't all that bad. Yeah it was a bit cheesy here and there but all in all it was rather nice and catchy. (I also prefer the dub music to the original due to the fact that I really don't like the disco sound.)

3. Cut Scenes
This you just need to get over! Of course there are going to cut/edit/change scenes for our young viewers. Yes you mature older fans can handle the true hard core version but yoo hoo! You aren't the only ones watching. The dub is rated Y7, but if it was in its true uncut form I doubt it wouldn't be under rating 14. It would be selfish of all of us older fans to protest that the dub stays to the original and get our way. We aren't the only ones who demand Sailor Moon.

4. Names/Attacks
Bah, who knows why they changed their names but I'm not complaining. Their dub names are fine to me. Really, just a seven-year-old trying to figure out what a Michiru or Usagi is. Or how about "halation"? I don't even know what halation means and I'm almost 15!

Now… original to the manga? Hmmm…let's see…

1. Voices
I'd rather not her the voices since you can make up in your minds what they should sound like. I never thought for once Mamoru would have such a deep voice or Usagi such a high one.

2. Cut Scenes
Nothing in the original hardly even goes by what it is based upon. Yes I know It couldn't be perfectly but The Neverending Story movie was more like it's book then the original is of it's manga. (believe me when I say the movie leaves a lot of the book out)

3. Characters
Oh boy, don't even get me started! They changed the villains, they changed how the characters act, they made them more or less wimpy, the story lost its deep romantic string, and what's worse! They even changed the characters themselves. (Example, making Zoycite homosexual so Naoko's beautiful picture of him and Amy would never be a reality in the anime. Example 2, making the Starlights switch from male to female when actually they were just female to begin with taking the disguise of men. It was stated somewhere that this deeply hurt Naoko like it was critizesing her work.)

As you can see, the original is a far worse "dub" of the manga (if I would have really gone in-depth…well actually I have here at my own site - then the American dub is of the original. So do you have any more complaining to do about versions being untrue to their bases?

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